2nd in food chain


RFZ, Briano, Cass, Mandemon, CommanderCool, Commander Evil (As of 2014.)


Ban, unban, edit post, lock topics.

Watchmen (Moderators) are people who assist in enforcing rules in the forums. They are 2nd in chain of command, below admins.

Their job is to prevent flame wars and act as moderators. They are under command of Founding fathers and Player1. Power abuse by Watchmen is swiftly dealt with by being scolded, or in extreme case stripped of his rank.

Watchmen can be identified by their tag under their profile and yellow name.


The head Watchman (RFZ) also has a yellow name, but has a custom tag.


List of watchmenEdit

  • RFZ
  • Commander Evil
  • CommanderCool
  • Cass
  • Mandemon
  • Briano

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