Wasteland Confederacy
Flag of Wasteland Confederacy




1974 Campaign




Wastelands (Scandinavia)



Wasteland Confederacy is a faction played by Mandemon. It is low tech, nazi-esque faction that is located in destroyed Scandinavia, now called Wastelands.


While most of the world gained greatly from portals, nordic countries got short straw in lottery. Instead of dumping technology, portals threw bombs. It is not know what exactly happened, apart from that most of northern Europe turned into burned and barren wasteland, where ash storms would roam. After a while, Confederate States Of Wastelands rose, under leaders ship of man simply known as Dictator.
It is clear that Confederacy has decided to expands its borders, to meet the requirements of rebuilding population. However, due to its secrecy, it is unclear who shall face the wrath of wastelands.
Confederacy troops are more durable and tough than normal armies have, but are also more sluggish.


The Dictator

Enigmatic figure, who united scattered remnants of civilization. His face have never seen in public. He rules over CSW with iron fist, making only token efforts for democracy.


What to say? These brave (or foolish) troopers give their lives so that state survives. They are armed with assault rifles and grenades. Their suits are designed to survive now harsh lands of Scandinavia and provide slightly greater protection than normal suits.

Light tanks
Technically they are armored cars, but considering they have more punch and come with two cannons, they are light tanks. They are not much faster than your basic battle tank, but they are still able to out maneuver them.

Main Battle Tank
Since Confederacy lacks heavy tanks and these serve as MBTs, they are called that. In normal military, they would be heavy hitters. Too bad they are kinda slow and heavy.===

Troop transport
Armored trucks, that have gun room for several soldier. What else you need to know?

Whoo boy, someone was compensating something when this was designed. Freud would have a field day with this thing. Not only does it have ridiculous firepower, it can also serve as makeshift tank in emergency. It's slow firing rate however means it's all or nothing attack, rather than viable tactic.
Confederacy air unit. It's aerial support unit, mainly designed to support ground forces or do air lifts. It doesn't stand much against anything faster than itself.

Sprites are located here

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