The girl, the myth, the baka, the bastard

Underling(Also known as Merku, Shiki) Is a member of sprite wars who joined in during the invisionfree days and has participated in/organized several campaigns.

First joined around maybe 2006/7 when she met Mike on MFZ during a clan wars comic collb. Over the years there where ups and downs, drama, good times, bad times.

After making a well made rant post regarding issues the forum had, Mike put her forward as a moderator and after the reforms a watchman through due to issues and general immaturity she was prone to pranks and minor cases of power abuse that caused rifts between her and some vets but despite it all she did a lot of good for the community as well as bad during her time as a staff member, such as updating the rules, keeping a tight watch of the forum and trying to to streamline much of the boards to renew interest.

After a number of fights with RFZ however Underling stood down from the watch and resigned by her own choice and left the forum for a while. Through despite this they are good friends today.

Also generated controversy through strange and over the top plotlines in campaigns that dragged some RPs down but she has improved a lot since then and has learned her lesson.

Also a huge Doctor who fan and love to rip homage to the series.

Even with all the bumps she since returned and once again became a long standing member of sprite wars with ties to many members old and new. Despite always trying to self improve she always felt sabotaged by the shadow of her past record(Mainly only the bad stuff blown up) as a watchman and felt a certain cliche in the forum could never let go of things that happened long ago but that is debatable at best.

Slowly became disillusioned with SW around 2017 and stepped away around early April.

A mixed legacy

During her time she made a lot of friends in the community as well as had to see many depart which weighed heavily on Shiki as over time she found herself clutching onto a community where all her friends had long since left and always strived to improve things in some way perhaps in hope of seeing a new golden age but truth be told perhaps it was fruitlessly trying to revive the past. In her early days she was known to shit the bed now and then over whatever drama of the week was going on but as she grew older those traits died down but sadly some people where burned too many times by her that trying to rebuild bridges became a godly task in some cases.

During her time as a watchman there where both positives and negatives.


  • Worked with RFZ to reform the rules
  • Attempted to bring an appeals system in to give banned members a second chance
  • Increased security to prevent raids, spambot attacks and sockpuppet accounts showing up.
  • added interesting lore and factions to RPs.
  • Helped bring level headed people onto the staff team such as Cass and others.
  • Generally had a lot of fun with people


  • was prone to abusing power for pranks or just being petty(In my defense I was a dumb teenager back then)
  • Created some convoluted storylines that derailed a couple of campaigns(Don't even mention the horrorshow of west 6)
  • Some rulings as a staffer where unfair eg-Timberwolf and theGuest bans
  • Increased security hurt new membership
  • The ragequitting incidents >_>

Wanted to leave an honest userpage warts and all yet also honest. I also ask people leave it the way it is and not turn it into an ED style shitpost page to get back at me over something, "Unperson" me or just to be petty. Would also value people not painting me into some kind of conspiracy puppet master figure non stop, there was a lot more nuance and factors behind past dramas and multiple sides but it's in the past and best not to reopen old wounds regardless of how things went.

Thank you.


I tend to be a pleasant person most of the time so don't worry about saying hello.

Dealing with depression in life real along with manic issues but I can be rather carefree on my better days.

Person views I'd say I'm a bit of a marxist with some technocratic and post scarcity leanings. I also support life extention research and transhumanism, I adore such topics of discussion as well as philosophy, through I can be a bit of a buttpain in some debates but it doesn't mean any dislike towards people, after all debates do get heated it's quite normal.

Favorite moments, campaigns etc

Anykind of bantering and memeing with Wingwolf and the others.

Messing around with CE, Storm and the others before relations soured years later, thorugh Shikey still hopes one day to rebuild bridges with people from way back.

Early campaigns I took part in before I went up my own arse.

some of the slice of life stuff like life on SW and light hearted collb works.

Factions and stories I enjoyed where Silver Ecilpse from GC 2 because despite early flaws it brought a different villain and motivation at the time and lead to some pretty epic fight comics and it was a sign of what could have been had I not lost the plot, did some better writing and known when not to have too much of a good thing.

West season 6 first half was something I liked due to the edge/blackrain faction being really interesting to write for, sadly through bad writing and fucking ryic stuff wreaked the second half of the campaign(Through before that Garrick and others grew disinterested leading to things dying off)

Everything with Highlon, Terran command and TNN because after a few years of bad writing, crap story arcs and being the centre of my own universe it felt like the worldbuilder redemption arc due to improving writing, characters being more intergrated into the campaign again rather than off in some grand story arc with sod all to do with things and an interesting affectionate parody and homage to earlier Neoterran type factions.

Grand campaign season 1 because it was more loose and I was just playing a normal faction then with no baggage.


The Cyber empire-Pretty much the Cybermen from Doctor who but sort of AU, wasn't really too great and got sidelined for more uhh not so good plotlines.

Faction IX-My first serious faction, started off as me trying to be try hard edgy but involved into something better over time.

Silver Ecilpse/Silver Empire-Loved and hated but had some pretty good plot lines going on, some bad ones, some terrible ones and some awesome ones.

The worldbuilder empire-Based on Doctor who's timelords, this race was loved and hated in SW canon but over time it has evolved and is now an established and fairly decent part of the lore.

Edge forces-Rebel group based on STALKER and some other works.

The Nordic Technocracy- short-lived faction that made up the remnants of the British government, on good terms with its Axonian and Executor neighbours. Supplanted by Silver Eclipse, who were in turn supplanted by The Order, throwing the British Isles into chaos.

Terran Command - A colossal paramilitary force composed of pro-Terran extremists, radical anti-xenos sects and paramilitary groups, augmented by salvaged Worldbuilder technology. Employed and operated by the Barrister and his cadre of Worldbuilder followers, as a starting point to enact his long-term master plan. Currently active in the Global Campaign, having won a string of crushing victories against the IRON alliance.

Unfinished factions

Many many concepts which could have been great or just terrible.

Executor starfleet-Planned faction that would have seen action in GC3 and other campaigns.

The Arcanian empire-A race of evolved humans who where to be xenophobic towards old type Terrans.

The dalek empire-The famous race from the Doctor what.

A bunch of unnamed merc factions- Most never got past planning or got highjacked by my annoying story arc shit.