Three planet theory is a theory of how and why [[Humans]], [[Mobians]] and [[Lylatians]] are so similiar.

== Pre-evolve

According to father of the theory, Dr. Brainstein, all three species evolve from same lifeform which has at somepoint inhabitabled different planet. Due to the unknown reason, perhaps meteor strike or something else, some creature were cast into space and eventualy landed into Earth, Mobius and Lylat.

Choosing Edit

Because all three planets have same natural conditions, all species evolved same way. Eventualy, they were in position of choosing the tracks.

Choosing the track Edit

At this point, races evolved different. While in Earth, apes gained dominance and evolved what we know as humans. In mobius, none of the races gained dominance and evolved same time, creating multi-DNA pool only found in Mobius.

Lylat hybrid Edit

In Lylat, early records show ape dominance and then, something called God came in. Appearently, the semi-humans were fused into semi-mobians by some alien race, and resulted in Lylatian specie. This specie was first to achieve space flight, but due to the sudden attack of android it was unable to gain contact, and possibly conquer its relative races.

New hybrid theory Edit

Alltough nowdays none of these races and hybrid anymore, there is some talk about using energies of Chaos or Void to cast some speciments to uncontrolled energy. According to them, it is possible tha there "naturally chaotic" energies could blend DNA of Mobians and Humans together. This theory is alltough widely unsupported.