Western campaign season 6 was created by Garrick and Mike as a means to finish the original canon and tie up loose ends as well as bring the Corvolt back one last time to wrap up TMWKs plans from earlier seasons, parties agreed to give Vas the rights to the corvolt for the time being to fulfill this endgame plan.

The campaign started off with a Martian civil war between two of Garricks factions and slowly over time more people joined with a desire to do their own things which started to derail what the original parties wanted out of the game leading to heavy disillunsionment.

This was also the first time we really got to see Armex/Neoterran empire in full force after their cameo in GC2 along with a number of other plot threads which at the time where pretty good.

Over time due to plot changes, the fact Vas had no time to get anything done resulting in Corvolt plans falling through, Garrick feeling burned out and losing interest it lead to the campaign becoming just another grand campaign without the name but despite this there where a lot of good arcs and comics from all players.

At the end however the campaign became a mess, Shiki brought some Robotnik stuff that never took off very well and with players dropping, everyone asking each other to ghost write factions, founding members quitting the campaign had became poison, almost like dead stocks you can't liquidate.

People agreed to bin the campaign which lead to Shiki writing some god awful finale comic bringing two worldbuilder characters back resulting in the timeline getting blown up(A plot to even in his later days on SW she came to extremely despise) but context is it never happened for shits and giggles but was a terrible way to end a campaign that had become poison to it's creators.

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