The Shadow symbol

Emblem of the Shadow Empire.

Attack 1

A Shadow Army performing a Black Crusade.

The Shadow Empire is a faction created by the Sprite Wars member "Dark Kaiser", a dark cult-like religious empire that has participated in various Sprite wars factions undergoing several changes in sprite styles and introducing it's own new furry alien race.

Lore Edit

The Shadow Empire was largely mysterious, mostly cause they let few into their space, and even fewer alive. It wasn't until Mobians, Lylatians, and other races were allowed to enter and leave, when info finally started to flourish about the empire.

The Shadarrian People, as they call themselves, hail from a distant world called Shi-ka Malliak, which translates into "World Blessed by Mother and Father." In the more traditional sense, the home world is just referred to as Shadar. It was said that during its time, the people were largely attacked and oppressed by the many other nations on the world, to the point where the last remaining furs were bunched up in one nation. All hope seem lost until The Revelation Day. According to Shadow Lore, the Mother Goddess descended from the stars, and gave the Shadar people new hope and protected them long enough to repopulate and rebuild their armies. It is in this lore where eventually This goddess, known as Night, married Malice, who would become the Dark Father. With their aid, the Shadar people conquered and annihilated the other nations and soon became the dominate rulers of the planet. Before their gods returned to the heavens, they crowned a female ruler in their place, the High Empriestess, and left. Despite winning the wars, the Shadow people still lived on a harsh home world. Years of constant fighting of nature eventually made the Shadar people evolve and become a tall war like people. Eventually, the Shadow people also evolved into a matriarchy society, following the belief that if the Black Goddess put a female leader in charge, females should rule society. Eventually, Males dominated the hardier roles, such as military and industry, while women ruled from their thrones in Science and Politics. Wiser then most, the females of the Shadow managed to give the Shadow a great technological boost.

With their space age, the Shadow soon encountered their first race, the Pandarians. Peaceful, they made contact, and soon a major discovery was made. Their gods were like theirs, possibly suggesting that the gods blessed the furry races of the universe(At least this was the theory at first, and became more widely accepted as other furry worlds were found.). Converting the Pandarians to their faith, they gained a powerful ally that aided them in multiple wars against Xenos. The time on their world and near extinction lead to a strong hatred to races other then their own, and to some, a even greater hatred to Humans for unknown reasons.

A Black Angle mech alongside a Augwanaut mech

A Black Angle Mech alongside an Augwanaut Mech unit.

Birridians was the only space bound nation they ran into, being of feathered origin. The Shadow wanted to convert the Birridians, but this proved quite a challenge, as the Birrids did not want to accept the Shadows as either rulers or converters. Which didn't matter seeing as the Shadow proved their power against the Birrids, eventually conquering their worlds. While there are those who accept both Shadow faith and Shadow government, there are those who actually are planning open rebellion against the empire..though to how they plan to not only inn act it, but also keep what happened before from happening again, is still yet to be seen.

There was a time however when the Shadow eventually had a open civil war, enacted by a general who thought himself a god, and took over Shadar. When this happened, the outer rim worlds of the Shadow closed off all access into their space, in order to ensure no invaders take advantage of the chaos. This lead to Netish, a Newtype commander, to fight against him. This conflict brought multiple new changes. Economic changes, a new race the chowcow, new designs, and females actually siding with males in military. Now the Shadow are on a new crusade, to conquer new worlds, and Earth will be a new jewel to add to the crown of the Empriestess.

Shadow Empire


Galactic religious movement Empire


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Shi-ka Malliak AKA Shadar





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