The Mobian empire is an army played by Draco Strife

Mobian Empire


Military dictatorship


Absolute Monarchy, Mobian Supremacist, Humanophobe

Notable Members:

Emperor Shadow, Varn Detari,

Homeland / Bases:

Mobuis, number of colony worlds.




SW prime, GC

History of MobiusEdit

Human Colonization and the Robotnik EraEdit

Mobius was one of the first planets ever colonized by humans. On the planet, they discovered the race of animals exactly like that of Earth's except evolved into a cilvilized society. Their technology was advanced, though they haven't extended their reach into the stars yet. The humans formed their own government with its capital of Station Square and established its GUN military force. While interstellar travel was possible, interstellar communication was still years away from completion, and contact was never re-established with the homeworld.

At first, the two races coexisted, but several wars for supremacy eventually broke out between both sides. During the last war between the Mobians and the Humans, one human outcast fled to the Mobians, after explaining GUN's latest plans, the outcast was promoted by the ruling king as Warlord. His name was Ivo Robotnik. Robotnik led the Mobian Army against GUN and soon it became apparent that victory was assured. Robotnik however, had other plans. As the Mobians celebrated their victory, Robotnik lead a brutal coup de'tat against the king. While the Mobians were overwhelmed, the humans still managed to hold their ground against Robotnik's invasions.

Years of tyrannical rule against Robotnik sparked action. The legendary Freedom Fighters, lead by the equally legendary Sonic the Hedgehog harassed Robotnik time and time again. Eventually, Sonic finally managed to dispose of Robotnik for good. With Robotnik finally disposed, and the ruling family restored, it seemed peace was to return again. They were wrong. A race of Aliens, known as the Black Arm attacked Mobius with the intention of total destruction. It was this time that a former GUN project, Shadow the Hedgehog made his appearance. The Mobians were again unprepared for the onslaught, though the assistance of Sonic prevented total defeat. The human GUN military was also unable to defend against eh onslaught. The battle raged for days, and the forces of Mobius managed to claim victory, though it wasn't Sonic that was the victor, it was Shadow. Shadow soon disappeared after the battle was over…

Mobius began again to recover from the destruction. Both humans and Mobians became increasingly paranoid with each other. Though the humans wanted war, the ruling Queen did not want war. The Queen tried to calm the humans down through diplomacy, though this caused resent with much of the population. One secret project being developed by a splinter Mobian group involved a cloning project using Shadow’s DNA recovered from the ancient ARK colony. With it, they cloned what would be the hammer and anvil of the new regime to come. A second coup de’tat was launched against the queen, except this time it wasn’t robots that were attacking, it was Shadow, or thousands of Shadow clones. A Mobian claiming that the current regime was setting up for ruin proclaimed himself the Emperor of Mobius and proceeded to turn the capital city to ruin. The humans, seeing an opportunity to finally assume total control over the planet, unleashed GUNs full fury at the Mobians.

Sonic and his famous crew soon found themselves overwhelmed against both aggressors. Sonic knew that Mobius was done for, and yet he would have the last laugh. A Mobian archaeological expedition found the original colony ship of the humans, which somehow was still functional. Sonic managed to assemble the loyalists to the colony ship and prepped it for take off. Both sides caught wind to the escape plan. Both sought to destroy it, though Sonic again became the hero. He leaked to both sides the ‘location’ of the potential launch site. Both armies converged to destroy the colony ship, but instead found each other. A massive battle took place, thus giving the loyalists enough time to launch the colony ship. The ancient hyperdrive installed on the ship was still functional, as well as the location of the homeworld of the humans. Both Sonic and the former Queen believed that humans and Mobians could co-exist. They hoped that the nations of Earth would accept them. Fortunately they were proved right. Though Mobian society soon established on Earth, Sonic and his crew, namely Tails and Knuckles disappeared without a trace…

The Rise of the EmpireEdit

The War on Mobius raged for 2 years. Seeing as how the Queen has fled, the remaining Mobians had no where else to turn to but the new Emperor. The Emperor ordered conscriptions to begin, though many had already signed up out of their own free will. The sheer numbers of the conscripts and the power of the new Shadow clones soon proved to be too much for GUN to handle. When it was clear defeat was inevitable, the president of the humans pushed for surrender. The Emperor refused. Within hours of the denied surrender, Station Square was taken, and the humans were rounded up and executed, the president being the first to die. No humans were said to have survived, though few still remain on the planet, ever hunted down by the Emperor’s agents.

With the destruction of the humans came the discovery of their technology for space travel. While the colony ship may have evaded their grasp, the Mobians soon acquired hyperdrive technology. With this came their own colonization project. The Mobians spread their influence to nearby habitable systems. Soon the current Empire began to take form. The Mobians also learned the location of the human’s homeworld. Many of the Emperor’s attendants pushed for continued war with the humans. Unfortunately, they discovered that the old Mobian loyalists had moved there, and along with that, knowledge of the atrocities the Empire had committed. Along with that, the Humans have already expanded as well, even beyond that of the Empire. The Emperor concluded that though they would be distrusting of the humans, there would be no further warfare with them, though he decreed that no non-Mobian would step foot on Mobius.

There was much dissent within the Empire after the takeover, and not even the powerhouse that was the Imperial propaganda machine could keep the masses in line. The Emperor needed to make the masses believe in him and the Empire. He believed that the galaxy wishes to be rid of him, as Mobians had suffered much over the past decade, but warfare with the humans was out of the question. The answer came with the first Great War.

The First WarEdit

The first War exploded with a fury that even shook the Empire itself. The Mobian Alliance, the Earth-based high-tech Human/Mobian military organization, as well as it’s allies soon found itself defending the planet from Robots, Living Snowmen, and other oppressive armies bent on conquest. The Empire sent an expeditionary force to assist the Alliance, led by the famous General Aleksander Sturnn and Imperial Commissar Yarrick. The Imperial troops fought well against the enemies of the Alliance, mainly against the Mecha Army. The arrival of the Corvolt Imperium, however, changed things. The Expeditionary force soon found itself on the losing side against the seemingly numberless enemy. Imperial Warships joined against the Corvolts in the Battle of Earth. In the end, the Alliance, along with the Imperials were forced to retreat. The response on the home front was catastrophic to the Empire, until they found out the Corvolt’s atrocities.

The Second WarEdit

The Corvolts and their allies soon formed their own coalition, the Terran Dominion. The year that passed was one of the most brutal in Earth’s history. The population was certainly oppressed, but the even more brutal treatment of the Mobians was the ammunition that the Emperor was hoping for, and without censure, presented it to the whole Empire, saying that Mobius itself would be next if they are not defeated (ironically, that was the Corvolt’s plan). The response was overwhelming, Mobians all across the colonies cried for revenge. The Emperor did not even have to rely on conscription; citizens were flocking to recruiting stations left and right. When Mike Rugar, commander of the Alliance and head of the remaining colonies formed the League of Free Worlds, the Mobian Empire was the first to sign on.

The Second War was fought mainly on the new ‘continent’ of Pangaea. Even in this small area, the fighting was intense as the first war. Once again, General Sturnn led the Imperial Guard on its re-conquest of the Earth. Much of the initial invasion was centered on Malta Island, where both League and Dominion forces were caught in a brutal stalemate. Eventually the deadlock was broken, and the Dominion was forced into the defensive.

The Imperial troops were some of the hardest fighting units in the entire League. The Emperor himself commanded that his legions take no prisoners. The Imperials were the first to lead the siege of City 1. When the Second Battle of Earth began in orbit, Imperial warships sacrificed themselves to ensure that the League’s flagship Macross was able to close with the Corvolt Invasion Carrier.

With the death of Admiral Sun, Mobians everywhere rejoiced…

The Aftermath, and the Third WarEdit

The astounding victory against the Dominion cemented the Emperor’s rule over Mobius and its colonies. The Empire grew more powerful than ever, with the Imperial Guard as its protectors. Earth relations fell somewhat after the Second War, as the Emperor denied Empire troops to join the Advanced Police. The Empire left behind secret listening posts, their mission to report any further outbreaks of war on Earth, which the Emperor decreed inevitable, and any war that involved the Earth was deemed priority. The Corvolts were all but annihilated but much of the Dominion’s forces were still on the planet.

As the Emperor had predicted, war began again. The Mecha Army had arisen, and the rest of the Dominion along with them. Not long after the war began one of the Empire’s listening posts transmitted coded transmissions to all nearby Imperial fleets. Coincidently, General Sturnn and Commissar Yarrick were the first to receive the transmission. After transmitting the message to Mobius, Sturnn ordered his battlefleet on course to Earth.

The listening posts kept track of Dominion progress. When Sturnn was informed of Mobian executions committed by the Violet Wolf Army, Sturnn had his target. He struck right into the heart of the VWA in the Ukraine. Commissar Yarrick himself led the charge as he had done previously in the Second War. It turned into a stalemate quickly, and Yarrick found himself on the defensive as VWA troops smashed against the Imperials. The final blow came when JDR’s new Onslaughterer Mobile Suit completely obliterated Imperial forces and captured Commissar Yarrick. For once, Sturnn was scared. The raw power of JDR and the VWA made him believe that this war was not going to be won quickly, and not without cost. He ordered all forces to retreat back to orbit to regroup and wait for reinforcements.

After seeing the power of the reborn Terran Dominion, and the ineptitude of the ADP and its allies, Sturnn wonders if this war could ever be won…

The Fourth War and the MDIEdit

In response to ZEDAF’s involvement with the Earth governments and the ADP, the Emperor realized that it was impossible to win any sort of political victory. The relationship between the ADP and Earth government leader Mike Rugar and ZEDAF was too close. In response to ZEDAF’s involvement with the Earth, the Empire tracked down and destroyed an entire ZEDAF Colony 8592. There were no survivors.

With the Terran Dominion now in hiding after its defeat in the Third War, Sturnn was told to destroy the ADP and its allies on Earth. While originally shocked to hear that he must turn on Rugar, a friend from over three campaigns, Sturnn nevertheless obeyed the Emperor’s command.

Knowing that the Empire couldn’t stand alone against the ADP and ZEDAF together, General Sturnn assembled a group of allies who would help him shape the new world order. The Firefoxes, the Alpha Federation, the Mercenaries (after being well compensated), and the Highlander Army accepted. The ADP and ZEDAF soon found out about the Empire’s plans about the new alliance and acted accordingly, forming the Solar Federation Forces, an alliance of the ADP, Kuradia, and ZEDAF.

The center for this war was back on Marutius, A large landmass northwest of Australia. In the initial stages of the war, MDI forces took City 17 and made it their headquarters in the northwest corner of Marutius. Firefox and Alpha troops moved out south to engage enemy hostiles while the ME awaited the rest of its reinforcements. Initial attacks were successful, and the MDI gained much ground from the opposing factions.

All was not successful though, the VWA was still around, the Master Death Egg, JDR’s own personal command ship controlled the remnants of the Terran Dominion. Alpha fleets moved in to intercept the MDE but were shot down by Garrick’s fleet. Despite fierce resistance from the MDE, SFF forces were able to successfully board and destroy the ships generator. No one saw if JDR had survived the MDE’s destruction.

Things also looked up for the Empire; Commissar Yarrick had been found! The hero of the Empire was soon recovered and brought back to City 17’s medical facilities. Sturnn was glad to see his old friend back. Despite Sturnn’s wishes though, Yarrick wished to return to the front lines. Sturnn reported the news to the capital, and the Emperor was pleased to hear of Yarrick’s recovery as well.

The first major blow to the MDI came when the newly arrived Mobian Imperial Guard reinforcements were being offloaded in the military bases near City 17. The Kuradians under the command of Corvolt War hero Nannbara Armisael Garrick, fired a nuclear missile onto the Army base, killing thousands of Imperial Guardsmen, Conscripts, not to mention the massive collateral damage caused onto City 17’s civilian population. In response, the MDI assumed temporary command of a Spectrum Ion Cannon, and used the powerful beam weapon to decimate Garrick’s fleet. Garrick was reprimanded for his actions, but still retained his command. The SFF had enough; Mike Rugar, armed with newest Armored Core and Muscle Tracer mechs, ordered an all out assault on City 17.

Before the attack began, Storm, leader of the Firefox forces met with Mike Rugar himself in the outskirts of the city. Mike ordered Storm to stand his forces down and to join the SFF. Storm refused, saying that the old Alliance was dead and that ZEDAF was going to bring ruin to Earth. The argument soon led to blows, and with nothing accomplished, both sides retreated back to their respective lines.

The attack on City 17 was fierce. Mike Rugar gambled much of the SFF in this attack. Armored Core clashed with Battlemech. The Imperial Guardsmen with Firefox Marines and Alpha regulars clashed against crack ADP battalions and Kuradian battlesuits led by Garrick, Mike Rugar and ADP leader Alex Murdock. Initial losses were heavy on both sides, but the MDI soon rallied and began their counterattack. Gen. Sturnn had IG troops and vehicles encircle the city, trapping the SFF inside the city while the remainder of the MDI grinded the enemy down. Gen. Sturnn took the field himself fighting alongside RFZ and Storm.

Storm and Mike Rugar finally went one on one yet again inside of their own respective mechs. Both were skilled mech pilots but after a fierce battle, Storm destroyed his old friend’s mech, critically wounding Mike Rugar himself. ADP forces quickly recovered Rugar’s broken body and began to fall back. The SFF broke through Sturnn’s encirclement and retreated back south to their headquarters in Beleville.

It was a great victory for the MDI, but unfortunately would not last long. New threats were arising. New factions emerged, the various renegade militaries of the New World Order and the Terran Confederation, run by President Adolf Gustav Mannerheim. The most dreaded faction to emerge was the World Eaters, and their allies the Abyss of Darkness. The Abyss had already been causing havoc and bloodshed during the battle of City 17, but now with the cultists and demons of the World Eaters, they were posed to destroy all of Marutius.

Even more disturbing to Gen. Sturnn was the appearance of a splinter faction of the Terrans, the Brotherhood of NOD. This quasi religious terrorist faction launched a campaign of genocide against Mobian civilians in the Union City. Worse still, NOD was allied with the World Eaters. Sturnn ordered the MIG to attack the Union City, while the remainder of the MDI attacked WE troops in Troilet and south at New Gettysburg. The fighting there lasted for days as the MIG cleared most of the city of NOD troops, but were hampered by the arrival of WE reinforcements. The MIG continued to fight into Union City.

In a strange turn of events, after a brief counterattack against the MDI by the SFF, the SFF ordered an alliance between themselves the MDI, and the NWO against the World Eaters. The MDI accepted and soon the push to cleanse Marutius of the World Eaters began.

The World Eaters soon destroyed New Gettysburg, denying the Terran Confederation their city. Even worse, the World Eaters were putting into action a more disturbing plot. The World Eaters are using their demonic powers to summon a demon of epic proportions, one which would bring forth Armageddon if brought onto our plane of existence. The only good news for the MDI and its allies was that the summoning would take time. The alliance of factions, along with the Liberator Army moved into the WE capital of Caspin and sieged it, hoping to bring an end to the World Eaters once and for all. While the siege was happening, Firefox Comamnder Storm and Highlander Army Commander RFZ was attacking the Abyss of Darkness’ trump card: the massive Black Guard Enigma mech.

When the MDI and its allies couldn’t break through into Caspin, the Kuradian fleet fired a WMD missile at the city, ordering the remaining forces to disengage and clear the area. The Missile detonated in the center of the city, completely vaporizing it. The World Eaters soon had enough, and retreated their forces off of Marutius to the frozen wastelands of their hidden North Pole base.

The battle against the Enigma mech though had a rather tragic ending. Storm the Fox, was killed in his mech when the Enigma mech exploded. RFZ managed to recover Storm’s body.

Mike Rugar soon came out of his coma caused by the City 17 battle to learn of the news of Storm’s death and the battles with the WE. Despite the MDI’s protests, the SFF handled the military funeral of Storm, firing his body off into space with full honors. Worse, the demon portal stuck by the SFF’s missile may have not been completely sealed!

The forces of ZEDAF had also arrived onto Earth. The ADP was glad to see its benefactors arrive…until ZEDAF had opened fire on them. Most of the ADP was wiped out within the first few hours of ZEDAF’s arrival. Now completely robotic, the ZEDAF leader wished for one thing, the complete robotization of all organic life on Earth.

Yet the end of the Fourth War came with treachery. Not long after ZEDAF’s arrival, Emperor Shadow himself contacted one of the command IH soldiers in orbit and issued Order 99, a hidden program in the reinforcements that have arrived early in the campaign. Order 99 was the command to eliminate the leaders of the MDI, including General Sturnn and Commissar Yarrick. Commissar Yarrick and General Sturnn were near the outskirts of the city, and a group of IG soldiers opened fire on the both of them. Yarrick was killed instantly, while General Sturnn was knocked off the nearby Cliffside. The IG did a search of City 17 and the surrounding area, but found no trace of the disposed general.

…an interesting note: Commissar Yarrck was not who he said he was. While his body had cybernetics, the Commissar Yarrick executed by the IG soldiers was 100% robotic. Part of a duplicate officer plot of the VWA, the Commissar acted in every way like the original, foiling whatever plan JDR had planned for the Mobian Empire.

With Storm already killed in action, the only remaining targets were Commanders John Jacques(of the Mercenaries), RFZ and Stu Alpha. Unfortunately, even with complete surprise, the IG was not able to successfully execute any of them.

Storm the Fox however, did not want to rest either. Empowered with the Phoenix and a divine purpose, his body burst alive out of the sealed coffin and flew back to the Highlander’s command ship, the Arkbird. Surprised to see him alive, RFZ ordered Storm be brought back to the Highlander command center of City 21. Unfortunately the reunion was not to last long, as the MIG launched an all out assault on the city. The Highlanders already had lost over 50% of their military to the Imperial Guard, there was no way they could hold City 21. RFZ ordered an evacuation of all civilians and military personnel, and ordered City 21 rigged to explode. The IG was too late to stop the evacuation and thousands of IG soldiers were annihilated when the city exploded.

Thus was the end of the MDI and the Fourth War. The treachery of the Mobian Empire was to have serious repercussions later to Earth, the Empire, and more importantly to the Firefoxes.

The Lylatian ConflictEdit

While the Fourth War was going on, a separate war was taking place in the Lylat system. The Emperor ordered its fleet to search for more ZEDAF colonies. One such Imperial search fleet entered the Lylat system and found several ZEDAF ships on combat exercises. The Imperial ships attacked immediately, causing the ZEDAF ships to withdraw towards Corneria. The Imperial commander had only one conclusion, the Lylatians are ZEDAF sympathizers. He contacted the Emperor, who gave the order to attack Corneria.

The Cornerians, who heard about the Empire’s attack on ZEDAF’s Colony 8592 were already on edge. With the Imperial fleet approaching, the Cornerian Self Defense Forces nearly panicked. The brunt of the CSDF fleet was undergoing refit and retraining with new ZEDAF technology. CSDF General Pepper ordered all CSDF assets on alert.

The Empire stuck quickly, blasting through the CSDF’s defenses, and firing their bombardment cannons onto the planet’s capital of Corneria City. Dropships immediately launched, the Empire was invading. Reinforcements from the capital arrived quickly. Fleet Admiral Alastonsus Quarren was in command of all Imperial fleets for the campaign.

The CSDF had new experimental technologies to throw at the Imperials. Prototype fighters, battle suits, and mechs were used effectively at the Empire lines. It looked as though they would hold against the Empire’s sheer numbers, but it all changed with the arrival of the Alpha Federation’s fleet. Stu Alpha, acknowledging their treaty with the MDI, arrived with a significant fleet under the command of twin AI’s Adam and Amy to assist the Imperial campaign. Now the CSDF were in danger of becoming overrun.

ZEDAF and CSDF ships continued to pound against each other over Corneria. The news of the Lylatian conflict soon reached the SFF. ZEDAF Commander Volden Ster contacted the Kuradia Mars HQ and requested aid for breaking the Imperial/Alpha siege of Corneria. Unfortunately to the Imperial fleet, the Kuradians arrived quickly and began to wreak havoc on their fleet. Imperial and Alpha forces began to withdraw back towards the hyperjump point out of the Lylat System. During the withdrawal, a civilian ship full of civilians escaped toward the planet of Fichina. The CSDF Battleship Tartarus also escaped to warn the bulk of the CSDF about the invasion.

Unfortunately for the SFF fleet, the Imperial withdrawal was a trap; the arrival of Admiral Quarren’s fleet took them by surprise. The large Imperial fleet pushed the SFF back to Corneria and released more reinforcements onto the planet. Even worse, the ZEDAF fleet withdrew and entered hyperspace leaving the remaining CSDF and Kuradians to fend for themselves. CSDF resistance planet side was beginning to crumble. The Starfox Team had finally arrived and began to fight against the Imperial invaders. Unfortunately it became too late, the Imperial reinforcements have completed taking over the capital city.

The Tartarus’s mission succeeded. The CSDF 42nd Expeditionary Force, now equipped with powerful mechs and Veritech fighters arrived in the Lylat System. The Imperial fleet moved in to engage. The Imperial fighters had difficulty engaging the powerful Veritech fighters, but they in turn were no match for the Imperial cruisers’ flak cannons. Admiran Quarren had arrived with his flagship personally to order the fleet to retreat to Corneria orbit with the Alphas to hold the planet at all costs.

Back on Earth, SFF commanders formulated a grand strategy for the removal of WE and MDI presence on Earth, as well as a full scale attack on the homeworld of Mobius itself. Garrick would move to liberate the Lylat system from the Empire, before moving to Mobius itself to force surrender from the Emperor.

Kuradian reinforcements had finally arrived under the Garrick’s command. They quickly moved into Corneria’s orbit and obliterated Alpha defenses across the capital city. It looked as thought he tide were beginning to turn for the SFF.

Meanwhile on Fichina, a small CSDF base was used for training exercises for new battle suits. A small Imperial fleet under the command of Admiral Varn Detari tracked the retreating Cornerian ship to the planet and was able to locate the hidden base. He ordered Imperial ground troops to head to the planet and crush its defenses. The battle was quick, as what little CSDF troops barely held against the onslaught. One group of CSDF and ZEDAF officers managed to escape after stealing an Imperial dropship. Unfortunately, the remainder of the base personnel became part of a test for a new Imperial weapon: a prototype biological weapon called the Bio-Terminator was dropped onto Fichina. Detari saw as the plague began to kill off the Lylatians and IG soldiers quickly. Detari was still pleased at the results, though more work was needed to be done before the weapon has any practical purposes.

The SFF was finally starting to get the upper hand against the Empire fleet. CSDF ground reinforcements began to arrive to retake the capital. On top of which, the news of the treachery by the Imperial Guard to the rest of the MDI leadership reached the Alpha commanders, and they ordered a withdrawal from Corneria, leaving the Empire to fend for themselves. None expected the Empire’s next move.

The arrival of the Emperor’s personal flagship, the Eclipse took everyone, including Admiral Quarren and Detari themselves by surprise. The fact that the Empire has constructed a ship of such a massive scale was baffling to both the CSDF and Kuradians. Over a thousand cannons opened fire at the CSDF and Kuradian fleets. The combined fleet crumbled almost instantly. The SFF and Garrick’s plan to liberate Corneria and invade the Mobius System was foiled in a single strike. The Emperor ordered a full troop withdrawal from Corneria’s surface as he smashed the CSDF flagship into pieces. As punishment for the Lylatian’s involvement the Emperor ordered the fleet to fire nuclear bombs across the planets surface, searing it of all life on the surface. To add insult to injury, he tested the Eclipses’ primary weapon, the namesake Eclipse Cannon on the CSDF controlled planet of Katina.

Katina was wiped out of existence.

Alpha Federation troops had saved several hundred thousand civilians before withdrawing from Corneria, however. Not long after Katina had been destroyed a combined SFF and Alpha fleet fired at the behemoth vessel and the Imperial fleet. Several Imperial ships were destroyed, but nothing broke through the Eclipses’ shields. The damage however was done. Emperor Shadow ordered the fleet back to the Mobius system and simply left.

The bombing of Corneria and the total destruction of Katina led to billions of Lylatians killed in the conflict. The CSDF fleets lay broken and destroyed and not even the valiant Starfox team could have stopped the juggernaut. Cornerian authorities placed some of the blame on ZEDAF for the destruction of their planets, seeing as how they were abandoned altogether, though the truth of their actions would be revealed in the Fifth War. Garrick’s flagship, originally on a collision course with Solar, the Lylatian System’s sun, was rescued and Garrick and his crew were safe. Today, Corneria city continues to rebuild though most of the planet is still being cleaned of the radiation caused by the bombardment. Fichina though is still contaminated from the Bio-Terminator prototype. The planet is still quarantined to this day.

Recent HistoryEdit

After years of defending their homeworld and surrounding colonies from maniacal would-be tyrants, alien invasions, and all-round bigotry of their kind, the the now-reformed Mobian Empire has concluded that the galaxy is out to get them. In response, the Emperor of Mobius, Shadow the Hedgehog, has commanded that a huge army to be created to not only combat whatever is thrown at them, but to also spread their influence across the galaxy. Be it human or alien, the Imperial Guard will destroy all that opposes Mobian supremacy.

Imperial Military DoctrineEdit

The Mobian Empire has two major military branches: The Mobian Imperial Guard, and the Mobian Imperial Navy.

Mobian Imperial GuardEdit

Guardsmen - Emperor Shadow the Hedgehog, claiming to be the Ultimate Lifeform, used his own genetic template as the basis for his grand army. Nearly 60% of the entire Imperial Guard comprises of clones of the Empire's glorious leader, called Imaginary Hedgehogs. These clones are grown in massive bio-vats on the homeworld of Mobius, with thousands being decanted every day. These clones from the moment they are decanted are put through a rigorous training regime, as well as psycho-therapy. . The psycho-therapy treatment not only uploads basic military tactics into their brains, but also programs the clones to remain loyal to the Emperor at any cost. The clones, thanks to their benefactor's genetics have superb willpower, rendering any sort of psychic attacks or mind control nullified. They will not break, even under pain of torture. The clones' individual training regime depends on the secondary color of their quills:

Blue and Pink - These two colors both signify regular Infantry. The colors denote the gender; blue for boys and pink for girls. Shadow has experimented with his genetics, creating a female version of his genetics. The females, while not physically as strong as their male brethren are proven to be much faster and more agile on the field of battle. They are armed with the MA25 Laser Autorifle or a PLEX Anti-Tank Missile Launcher.

Orange - These specialist Guardsmen are trained in heavy weapons. They use the X50 Heavy Machine Gun to lay down supressing fire on enemy soldiers to let their fellow infantry advance.

Green - These soliders are bred to be effective squad leaders.

Surprisingly there is only a 5% washout rate amongst the clone soldiers to survive the training.

CO ProfilesEdit

Lord General Aleksander Sturnn

Age: 45

Rank: Lord General

Race: Mobian (Echidna)

General Sturnn started out as an enlisted officer when the revolution broke out against the Mobian Queen. Promoted to Colonel for his valor in Combat, he was given the honor to be the first to lead the siege of Station Square. After the war, he was promoted to General. When the Empire was to join the first war, the Emperor gave him the command. After the first war ended with defeat, Sturnn said o have gone before the Emperor himself to ask for his permission to lead Imperial forces back to Earth. The Emperor granted it after the Empire became part of the League of Free Worlds. With revenge on his mind, he fought more valiantly than the first war, pushing his troops to the limit. With the victory came promotion to Lord General, the highest rank of the Imperial Guard. With the advent of the third war, he was more than happy to hear that the first to receive the transmission to assist Earth forces against the Dominion. After the capture of Yarrick and the destruction of his forces by the hands of JDR, he began to have doubts about victory. Nevertheless, he is committed, and now with reinforcements, he wants to take the fight back to JDR and find the Commissar.

Imperial Commissar Yarrick

Age: 60s

Rank: Commissar

Race: Mobian (Mongoose)

The old mongoose has seen his fair share of war more than Sonic ever has. He had lost both an eye and his left arm in the wars against the humans. While originally loyal to the Ruling family of Mobius, when the Queen wished for peace between both human and Mobian, his loyalty was over. He joined with the secret organization to destroy the Humans once and for all with the Shadow clones. He became the group’s voice, as he was a powerful and charismatic leader. Though the troops were loyal to the core, the Commissar’s job was to press them to the limit. When conscription was needed, he ordered that all soldiers, whether clone or not fight 110% or be shot personally by him. The Emperor presented him with many rewards following the battle. He was paired up with then Col. Sturnn in the battle for Station Square, and the two became friends. The colonel being an excellent tactician, the other a powerful leader, the two could not be stopped. When Gen. Sturnn was ordered to Earth for the first and second war, he pulled all the strings he could to ensure that he was assigned with him. Yarrick always looks for the opportunity to be alongside the troops during battle. The Commissar’s presence alone has won many a battle; it didn’t save him from JDR and the Onslaughterer. He is currently MIA. Though JDR will have his minions torture him, he will not talk, as his faith in the Emperor is absolute…

Varn Detari

Age: Unknown (Approximately 100+ Years)

Rank: Supreme Commander

Race: Cat

Once an army general from the Acorn reign during the first Great War on Mobius, he was one of the many Mobians that were roboticized after Robotnik's coup. Though nearly all of the time during Robotnik's rule he slaved away endlessly in the factories, unable to control his thoughts or actions. When the war with Robotnik ended, and all of the roboticized Mobians freed, Detari felt a bitter hatred of human society. He refused to be de-roboticized when the technology became available, claiming that his condition was his penance for his inability to destroy Robotnik when he turned on the Mobians. He became even more distressed when he learned of the Acorns negotiating peace between the humans. Shadow came forward with an offer, to lead his new army against the Acorns and destroy the humans once and for all. Varn became the first Imperial General. He masterminded the entire coup d'etat and the campaign against the Mobians. He, under Shadow's blessing, was the one to give the order to exterminate all humans from Mobius. Now promoted to Supreme Commander, he now leads the Imperial Crusade against the Solar System, to rid the galaxy of humanity once and for all.

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