The Kolvartian Empire


Authoritarian Monarchy

Head of State:

The Emperor

Grand Judge:

Jeremiah Vircan,Viceroy of the East


Kolvartia, Karanka, Dimapof, Kaeris, Thandor, Helgohnia, Valendia


New Victoria




Xenophobic, anti-transhumanism, nationalist, imperialist


At war with Karankan and Dimapofian secessionists

National Motto:

"All under Heaven"


Lawful Neutral/ Evil

The Kolvartian Empire is a minor power in the Galactic South, it is an Authoritarian Monarchy lead by a seemingly immortal Emperor. It only occupies a few star systems,however, its industrial and military power make it a considerable opponent.

The Empire follows a strictly pro-human and xenophobic ideology, every time it makes contact with humans it will attempt negotiations (which eventually end up in annexation) but if aliens are encountered, an all-out-war-of-annihilation is usually declared.

This faction is used by Judgemagister and it will appear on the next Global Campaign.   

Kolvartian History: Edit


YoK= Year of Kolvartia, when the Republic was founded

FYK= Foundation Year Kolvartia,

The Holy Empire of Sydor (???<YoK) Edit

The Early Republic (1 YoK - 186 YoK) Edit

Kolvartia was, at one point in time, located in Earth, its territories extended from what we know as Spain, Portugal, Italy and France. It shared fronts with the states of Theice, Atron and Ebrain. Kolvartia managed to prevent being pulled into war with the other three permanently belligerent nations and was able to enjoy a long period of peace and relative stability, industry flourished in the Iberian region while the Gallic region became a hub of knowledge and culture and the Itallic zone became the military capital.

186 years after its foundation,peace ended in Kolvartia after a new president, whose name went by Cyrius Vircan, declared war on Theice, Atron and Ebrain.

The War of the Four States (186 YoK - 191 YoK) Edit

The Exile (191 YoK - 252 YoK) Edit

The Dark Ages (252 YoK ~ 292 YoK) Edit

Little has been recovered from these years, but it is thought that the Kolvartian Republic went through a period of technological stagnation and economic weakening. Vague military reports from this era give information about a civil war lasting three decades between supporters of the Republic and a revolutionary front which, according to conflicting data, was the predecessor to the imperialist faction

Late Republic (292 YoK - 312/316 YoK) Edit

Dawn of the Empire (1 FYK ~ 100 FYK) Edit

The Valendian Crisis and the East-West Division (96 FYK) Edit

The Fort Darren Incident (104 FYK) Edit

The Present: Karankan and Dimapofian uprisings and the Grand Army (116 FYK) Edit

The Grand Army and the Crusade for Earth Edit

"The cry resounds like thunder's peal,

Like crashing waves and clang of steel:

The Earth, the Earth, our dear Earth,

Who will defend our home, divine?

Dear fatherland, no fear be thine,

dear fatherland, no fear be thine,

Firm and True stands the Watch, the Watch at the Earth!

Firm and True stands the Watch, the Watch at the Earth!

They stand, a hundred million strong,

Quick to avenge their country's wrong,

With filial love their bosoms swell

They shall guard the sacred planet well.

He casts his eyes to heaven's blue,

From where past heroes hold the view,

And swears pugnaciously the oath,

You Earth and I, are human, both.

While still remains one breath of life,

While still one fist can draw a knife,

One gun still fired with one hand,

No foe will stand on Terran soil.

Should my heart not survive this stand,

You'll never fall in alien hand,

Much, as your waters with no end,

Have we our heroes' blood to spend.

The oath resounds, on rolls the wave,

The banners fly high, proud, and brave,

The Earth, the Earth, our dear Earth

We all shall stand to hold the line!"

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