The Imperial Armed Forces


Vast Expansionist Military Empire


Lawful Neutral

Head of State:

The Emperor

Notable Members:





No information

Racial census

Humans, Zargothan's, Neko, Inu, Mobians

Tech Level

No information

Time line

Prime, GC


One of the Army's under control of Commander Evil and a long standing army.      Due for editing. -CE


Organizations of the Imperium Edit

Due for editing. -CE

Spritewars Involvement Edit

'''First Time''' The Imperium was first deployed into SW in the first reset. They were a small, stranded force consisting of a few regiments and the Emperor himself. Their goal was to construct a transmitter to make contact with the rest of the Imperium, escaping Earth and bringing a full force to conquer it. Commander Evil was notable as being the laziest SW Commander EVER. (lol i admit it)

'''Second Time''' In the second reset, the Imperium had discovered Earth and after many comics foreshadowing the future, the Imperial Army invaded Earth, got shot at by the chaos legion a bit, then the season died.

Sprites were updated a bit, and ACV's were used.

'''Imperium 2.5''' The Imperium also played a major part in the Eastern Campaign, working alongside a few other armies made by CE. They had the bad habit of hitting important machinery with their rifles to fix it.

'''Third Times the Charm...''' The Imperium has made a comeback for the Grand Campaign, with a LOT of new weapons, redone infantry and officers, and a kickass new plan for peace and equality on Earth and Mobius. They immediately allied with the Firefox and UEAF forces, and are responsible for most of the superweapon and fortress construction on Earth.

They liked whoring laser and railgun weaponry, A LOT.

'''...or not.''' GC2, they got the everliving shit kicked out of them, gave the Earth the finger, and fucked off to their home system.

Unknown whether they'll return at all during GC3, although Ai and a large amount of deserters have remained behind on Earth.


To be edited, but leaving main things up for now. -CE

23RD REGIMENT, IMPERIAL ARMY Divisions: 50 Companies-per-Division: 10

Colonel Shikaku Ai (INAF)-

A catgirl officer who is very experienced in all forms of strategy. Tends to blow up if provoked to a great measure, and make threats with her sidearm. Has been kind of a wreck since the destruction of Fortress Indomitable and the loss of her lover, Anton. One of the best regiment leaders INAF has had in a long time, she is renowned as a hero and loved by her soldiers and officers. She is usually strict in the line of business, but has been known to lighten up when with friends.

She has a nice butt, as Mecha-Donkey Kong pointed out in the Grand Campaign.

Colonel Alex Vostok- A merciless, hardened veteran of the Imperial army, he has fought for hundreds of worlds is thousands of engagements.

'''Colonel Kroenen''' 

A quiet, withdrawn man, He enjoys classical music. Unlike Colonel Ai, Kroenen enjoys being in the thick of combat. He has the unnerving ability to creep around thanks to a cloaking device that bends light and shadow around him. He enjoys the use of bladed weapons, and has the amazing ability to spin them at high speeds and coordinate two swords at once. He is also an expert shot with a pistol. It is rumored that he is the sole survivor of a long-dead project run by the Imperial Army to create the perfect assassin.     

'''General Marduk''' Feared by his associates, he leads a special operations group of the IAF assigned to the worst possible war zones. His men consist mostly of Imperial Die-hards, 'Re-educated' Criminals, and various other nut-cases and psychopaths. He shows a dislike for incompetent generals, and has no respect for any other than his men and his Emperor. His men, likewise, are wholly devoted to the Imperial Cause, and will lay down their lives in a second if it is for the good of mankind. Marduk is the oldest living General in the IAF, although he refuses to discuss his lengthly term of service with other generals.

A rumor persists that Marduk is mentally unstable, and suffers from psychosis. What is unanimously agreed on, is that although he is unpleasant, he is very good at what he does. (which is being a pretentious dick)

Admiral Galdenburg (Fleet) An expert leader, he is one of the oldest serving admirals in Imperial service. His career has been long and prosperous and he intends to keep serving as long as health permits. He is an EXPERT tactician in space combat, and seems to have a 6th sense for enemy movements and battle plans.

Colonel anna Bismark

Zargothan Commander


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