The Black Beret Corps
Black Beret Corp
Vital statistics
Founded In 2010
  • Alpha Wolf
  • Ronin
  • Kenshin
  • HQ Area 51
  • Earth
  • Sprite Wars Multi-Verse
  • Type Government Democracy
  • Humans
  • Vampires
  • Gods
  • Superhumans
  • Demons
  • Werewolves
  • Mages
  • Mission To spread freedom, justice, peace and liberty throughout the Sprite wars Multi-Verse
  • Liberators Army
  • Enemies
  • Waffen SS Werewolf Army
  • Children Of The Revolution
  • Voltor Empire
  • 13th Order
  • Technological Status Highly Advanced
    Founded by 2010
    Status Active

    "Ladies & Gentlemen, we are here to assist in any ways we can and as long as were around, there's no stopping us from achieving our goals"- Alpha Wolf

    The Black Beret Corps is a military force from Earth that is known for keeping the world and the Sprite Wars Multi-Verse safe from the evils that may lurk in other worlds and their own. Their mission is to assist all who are fighting for freedom, justice, peace and liberty.


    Back in the 1940's, the Black Beret Corps started as a military force specializing in special military operations and that includes the famous Roswell Incident in 1947. They recovered an alien spacecraft and were ordered to silence anyone who would dare expose the truth about what happened that night. Later on in the 60's, new technology started coming out and the government created the Black Berets as a full time security and military that was to fight off anything that was strange or considered a threat to the world.

    Present DayEdit

    The Present Day Black Beret Corps is exactly what it was back in the 60s and has proven itself a force to be reckoned with.

    Discovery of the Multi-VerseEdit

    In the year 2013, the Black Berets discovered a portal that led to another world. Alpha Wolf, the leader of the Western Division of the military ordered that they enter through the portal and when they got through, they encountered the Liberators Army who was battling LSRU. The Black Berets intervened and assisted in the battle, so the LSRU were quickly overrun and defeated.

    Commanding OfficersEdit

    Gen. Alpha WolfEdit

    Alpha Wolf is a leading general of the Black Beret Corps' Western Division and who specializes in assault, heavy assault and strategic defense. He is a dhampir who is known to never be underestimated by his enemies. He is also known to be a very well respected general as well.

    Gen. RoninEdit

    Ronin is a leading general of the Black Beret Corps' Eastern Division and he specializing in assassinations and strategy. He usually despises the use of guns, so he carries usually melee weapons, primarily a Katana. He is also a half-demon and is known to be a worthy opponent against his foes.

    Commander Kenshin KinzakuraEdit

    Is a commander of the Black Beret Corps' Space Force and is known to specialize in blockade defense, assassination and strategic attacks. He is also known to be a worthy opponent who like Ronin also uses melee weapons.


    The soldiers of the Black Beret Corps are known to be have armor made of Diamantium, an alloy that is indestructable to bullets and lasers, however there is a weakness. Although the alloy is completely indestructable on Earth, in the multi-verse, it can be damaged because it is out of the world and universe it comes from. The weakness is usually a high energy laser weapon, low and moderate lasers won't do much but a High Energy Laser is capable of doing some damage.


    The main infantry of the Black Beret Corps is usually a soldier that are the backbone of their army. They are known to be very well trained and capable of doing their job without question. They are usually armed with weapons such as the M-50 Sub Assault Rifle and other weapons capable of doing damage.

    Scouts & GunnersEdit

    The Scouts & Gunners of the Black Beret Corps are usually small tactical squadrons used for sniffing out the enemy. They are usually armed with weapons that have some ammo and not used for heavy combat. Weapons such as the Harrison Bolt Action Rifle and even the Heavily Modified Browning M1917 are used against their foes. These troops aren't usually armored either.

    Marines & Special CommandosEdit

    The Marines and Special Commandos are special types of Black Beret Troops that are heavily trained for extreme and heavy assault. Their armor is twice as thick and pack more bang for their buck.

    List of CommandosEdit

    • Hazmat Teams
    • Hazard Teams
    • Security Guards
    • Time Teams
    • Arc Troopers
    • Aqua Troopers
    • Corrosion Troopers
    • Tesla Troopers
    • Blade Troopers
    • Thor Troopers
    • Iron Troopers
    • Super Troopers
    • Sub Assault Troopers
    • Railgunners
    • Magma Troopers
    • Naval Super Troopers
    • Cyborg Troopers

    These troopers are all unique and capable of taking down the enemy no matter what they throw at them.


    The weapons and equipment of the Black Beret Corps, are known to range from conventional to high energy weapons and vehicles ranging from humvees to robots. Their soldiers have an armor composed of Diamantium, a virtually indestructable alloy capable of resisting bullets and planetary lasers and although the armor can't be destroyed, the person inside can die.


    Rolling Railgun: The Rolling Railgun is a heavily modified tank designed for extremely heavy combat. The tank's body is that of an M1 Abrams modified with a large and powerful railgun as it's primary weapon and an energy modified Browning M2 That is manned.

    X-5 Mohican: Is a very powerful helicopter and although it's small, this chopper is a one man aerial arsenal. The aircraft has a large newly developed energy gatling gun as it's main ballistics weapon of choice and heavy micro missiles.