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The BHSU, Black Hammer and Scythe Union created by Rufus

(This was a thrown together restory telling without consulting any notes or actual writings)


The BeginningEdit

There was a 'Broken Star' conflict. Russia was basically divided among a dozen self-serving Warlords. In special interests to not just completely result to nuclear war against one another, they were convinced to come together in a puppet 'Senate'/Council that became the New Russia. A facade Democracy was in place.

In the Eastern Yukon Russia, however, there was an uprising against this corrupted puppet government, the RHSU, Red Hammer and Scythe Union. It was lead by Peter, who founded the Iron Curtain. Obviously, he was a Communist. The Iron Curtain was... an 'Order', for all intents and purposes. The true purpose of it has still not been revealed, except that extraordinary technologies came from it, such as advanced Tesla Tech, and that the Radicals came from it... The Radicals are basically psychopaths devoted to Communism, compareable to the Spetsnaz.

Now... A rebellion broke out, the Eastern ice land Communists, against the 'Democratic' dictatorship of the West. Anyone with half an idea of geography knows the West consists of pretty much all of Russia. However, the Communists had the Radicals, and a feverish determination. They were faster in the snow, the East weighed down by large numbers, and able to practice gorilla tactics and employ asshole traps. Such as a laying down a mine attatched to a grenade. You disarm the mine, pick it up, in doing so, pull the pin to the grenade... Which was buried under the mine... The West had a even more powerful weapon, however... This weapon was Yuri.




Yuri was the effective appointed 'Commander and Chief' for all intents and reasons, rank of General, of the Russian Republic. He had a Brigadeir General under his command as well, his 'side-kick' in the war, Vladimeir. Yuri was a militant genius who was also renown for his scientific understanding, but not yet hailed as a 'scientist'. Vladimeir? He was just riding Yuri's coat tail for the political publicity, honestly... Yuri, during this civil war/rebelion, had a wife and one son named Geovanni. During this war, his wife would die of cancer. Leaving his son to be placed in the care of a nanny.

The war was largely uneventful, save for the fear inspired by the rebelion, and how Yuri was the only one who seemed capable of not only holding them back, but advancing in their territory. Until one encounter... A group of no more then 12 Radicals had escaped the grasp of Yuri's forces and fled to an ice cavern. They had not the supplies for usual tactics of laying a virtual mine field behind them in their tracks, so they had to barricade the cavern with what little they had and fight off Yuri's forces.I forget the specifics of the encounter that inspired Yuri, but in this team of Radicals was Xenofex, who'd later being Mr. X, a spy for the BHSU and member of the Iron Curtain.

The group, needless to say, escaped. Yuri, wondering what in the Hell could possibly inspire twelve men to fight off an army of thousands armed with tanks, artillery, and air support, was absolutely lost... Vladimeir argued, self preservation. Yuri had witnessed himself the suicidial tendencies of plunging head first into the battle field of radicals, so he decided to investigate himself. He was able to secure an unauthorized by the Russian Republic audience with Chairman Peter, the leader of the Rebelion... Yuri always was a 'MacGuiver', breaking the rules, but it's how he had been winning the war so far and had the support of the people as a war Hero.

The Great BetrayalEdit

What happened between Yuri and Peter is little known. It was an 'Iron Curtain' event. Suffice to say, Yuri had an extreme change of heart and sided with the rebellion... However, the rebelion was on its knees already, ironically due to Yuri. While Yuri was in audience with Peter, Vladimeir had told the army under their command to idle, so he could return to the capital, Moscow, and put in his bet for Prime Minister... As a war Hero under Yuri.

In short: Shit hit the fan.

So, Yuri, Vladimeir's former superior and best friend, had committed treason, Vladimeir was left in command of the military, he had a gambit for political office supremecy... Vladimeir threw everything he had at Yuri, the final push against the rebels. It was a slaughter... Though the Republic had superior numbers, they no longer had the moral due to Yuri's treason, and under the pitiful leadership of Vladimeir, countless mistakes were made and opportunities missed throughout the battle... Through it, multiple times Yuri tried to get in touch with Vladimeir.

However, Vladimeir under the eyes of everyone, and not wanting to loose his chance at political office, time and time again did not listen to Yuri's reasonings and did his best to stop Yuri's contacts to him. In the end, something like 20 Republic soldiers had been lost for every 1 rebel. It was pitiful, but also a testament to Yuri's commanding skills...

Vladimeir's "Victory"Edit

Peter was killed on the field of battle, fighting himself in the front lines alongside Yuri, while both having to maintain command over the few rebels remaining. Yuri then took full command after Peter's death, making him, 'de facto' leader of the rebellion. The even fewer rebels left were captured and escourted to prison camps. Vladimeir's victory, ending the rebellion, assured he would be the next Prime Minister of Russia. Vladimeir's first act? Put all rebels to death. This didn't go as smoothly as planned, instead, the incarcerated rebels rebeled, took control of their respected prison camps, fortified them, and awaited the Russian militaries to assemble and try to eliminate them. None came.

Vladimeir, in secret, went to Yuri after he had lead one of the prison camp rebelions. To note, Xenofex and some rebels were never incarcerated and simply went 'missing'... Not even the Republic or the rebels knew where the Hell they were... Vladimeir pleaded with Yuri to simply get the rebels to leave Russia and accept exile. Yuri took advantage of the offer and Vladimeir's cowardice. He chartered all men be exiled to China, which still had some communist tendencies...

Vladimeir remained Prime Minister, and Yuri and the rebels were exiled to China. Yuri became a world renowned scientist, Geovanni, Yuri's son, grew up and became a rather spiteful and intolerant Russian scientist. The 'WHSU', White Hammer and Scythe Union was formed in China, what was left among the rebels... Some time later, Yuri was headed to an island state for a science convention.

Cheering in russia

Cheering in Russia

Joseph loxodon
===Joseph Loxodon===

The governor of this island was newly reelected Joseph Loxodon. Just before Yuri arrived, an attack was lead on the island. An invasion. It is speculated who was responsible. Loxodon, never a man to give up, armed his own political campaign workers and took to the streets to see to it every bastard who dared tesspass in his city eliminated. Yuri, met the pilot, Natalya, daughter of a Chinese airforce commander, and rather renowned in her own right herself. She'd later become the leader of the BHSU's airforce.

The damn invasion was thwarted, but the city left in ruins. Yuri, impressed with Loxodon met him in secret. The two discussed things and Yuri made Loxodon leader of the 'WHSU', which effectively, at that time, became the first incarnation of the 'BHSU'.

The Grand CampaignEdit

New Gabriel was captured by the BHSU. The BHSU sends out a plead for nations to come together for a meeting. It goes ignored.

The Second Grand Campaign - The "Golden Age"Edit

The Voltor Empire plans to invade Australia, however, the Voltor were based on a secret island in the Pacific... Between them and Australia was New Gabriel.

The Battle for New GabrielEdit

Voltor decides to take control over New Gabriel, and so BHSU sends out a distress signal. Just about every faction rallied to protect New Gabriel from Voltor's aggression, factions like the Imperium arrive. The Voltor's allies showed up, of course, to reinforce the Voltor. It laid down a clear line between the two 'super power' factions in Grand Campaign at that time, and the battle degrades to in dog fights in the streets with no clear boundries. One Hell of a battle...

Voltor were getting hammered, Hell, -everyone- was getting hammered. So many sides were involved, so many people killing over, no one could clearly see who was winning and who was loosing. CO's were all over the island, trying to kill each other, while Infantry, tanks, artillery, ships, it was just a mixed dog fight to the death....

The 'turning point' of the battle of New Gabriel were when one of the most famous CO battles took place. It was when Storm took on Victor head to head in a mecha battle in the streets of Port Hampshire. Victor loss, returned to his fleet, and ordered a retreat since remaining would only result in inconcieveable losses on both sides that would leave everyone drained of resources for the rest of the campaign.

During the battle for New Gabriel, Guest's army betrayed the BHSU, when the Voltor were attacking. He withdrew from the battle deeper into New Gabriel and fortified in case the Voltor came deeper into the island, which they didn't. Suddenly they started killing civilian people. Surrounded people, both allies and enemies, forced them to surrender. Then disarmed them and put them in front of a flame thrower... BSHU quietly disposed of them later on.

Advancing Towards New TerritoriesEdit

After the battle of New Gabriel, BHSU invaded India, Japan, and Mongolia without warning. However, In the end, only Mongolia was captured, though. There was also a invasion of Australia. The BHSU used tactics never seen before. All radio frequencies were filled and overwhelmed with the repeating song of the nationial anthem blaring. Dreadnaught warships were firing off missiles to level cities.

After a while the BHSU continued thier advance with a massive 'blitzkrieg' invasion of Europe. The Waffen SS Werewolf Army was hit hard, and the Major himself was captured, but the majority of the Waffen were able to escape. When the BHSU invaded Europe and defeated the Waffen, they used their nuclear ICBMs and so Germany was reduced to ashes. The BHSU, with their forces spread thin by the invasion, handed it over to an ally rather then keep it. Which is what gave the Silver Eclipse their opening to invade Russia.

The End Of BHSUEdit

The BHSU now seemed unstoppable until invaded by the Silver Eclipse invaded Russia... Several defenses failed or had malfunctions, resulting in a great loss for the BHSU. At this time, an ally of the BHSU was fleeing the planet, the Imperium. Rather then remain and fight, Yuri and Loxodon agreed that the majority of the BHSU simply become refugees and leave with the Imperium...

The Imperium agreed on the conditions those of signifigant status be kept under watch. When the time came, the clone soldiers of the BHSU were told to return to their facilities, that were then detonated by 'last resort charges', and presumably all lost inside of them... Among the casualties of these uncalled for killings was Mr. X, again 'presumably'. A body was never recovered.The Commanding Officers, Loxodon, Yuri, and and all of the radicals who filed into the Imperium escape ships, were quickly revealed after launch to be clones... Mindless fakes, hiding the real ones among the masses of the BHSU...

Amongst the chaos when the BHSU were fleeing, Loxodon released the Major with no consequences... And never gave a reason as to why he did it. The Major was the most feared villain in all of the Grand War. Nobody knows why he just let him go...

The Third Grand CampaignEdit

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