Task Force 100
"For what's right"
Vital statistics
Founded In 2012
  • Monstarules
  • HQ Classified locations
    Location Earth, Europa, Enceladus, Moon, Kait'hur, Xorg-7
    Type Government Justified Neutral
    Races Human, Kaithe, Mobian, Kragolyte, Xorg, Virox, Wolven, Mechvaraan
  • Restore rightful territory owners
  • Destroy the Kragolyte Empire
  • Hunt down Terran Command and Liberalis Terrae
  • Work on expanding horizons in the galaxy
  • Allies
  • Common Treaty Organization
  • Mechvaraa-Indonesia Pact
  • Kaithe Space Organization
  • Galactic Republic of the Milky Way
  • Enemies
  • Voltor Empire
  • Liberalis Terrae
  • Terran Command
  • Kragolyte Empire
  • Technological Status Advanced
    Founded by Monstarules
    Status Active
    Appearances Global Campaign 2, Interstellar, Global Campaign 3

    "For what's right"

    - TFX Motto

    Task Force 100 (Also known as Task Force X) is a custom army made by Monstarules. Like the Common Treaty Organization, it is made up of Ex-Nato soldiers, mostly consisting of Ex-US Army Batallions and the Ex-US Special Forces, although there are several other nationalities that are in the faction. Additionally, TFX has a variety of aliens that bolster it's ranks, from kaithe to xorgs, almost any alien willing to fight for a justified cause will join the ranks if they can pass the training.

    Background and FormationEdit

    These soldiers fought some in some of the hardest battles, and diffucult conditions. These people and aliens had tried their hardest to defend their countries and planets. Several of these men made names for themselves as some of the most selfless and hardworking men and women alive. After the NATO disbanded, several soldiers from divisions of the armies from the former NATO decided to join together and help defend Earth. As time passed on, more volunteers and other ex armed forces members decided to join the disavowed military members, forming a strong faction, adept at assault and defense. Eventually, mobians joined forces with the Task Force, as well as kaithe, xorgs, virox, wolven, and a few kragolyte refugees.

    Notable MembersEdit

    Mah. Orion Michael Irving

    The overall leader of the task force, and a Marshall of the United States Army Rangers. He is a DELTA supersoldier, who knows every one of the soldiers under his command, by their first name. He never forgets their birthdays, or their greatest fears, and is a benevolent soldier, who is also one hell of a fierce fighter. Heavily armed, armored, and with a will equivilent of a 40 foot thick steel wall, nothing can faze him. His cat, Monster, is a harmless troublemaker around the base. But in times of war, Monster is able to sneak around and sabotage enemy vehicles. His claws and teeth murder sensetive electronics. He is fitted with a collar that lets him speak human languages, though, after a while, you don't really need it to understand him anymore. Marshall Irving wears black and gold armor, with a blue visor.

    Col. Richard O'Leary

    A decorated Special Air Service Colonel, and a personal friend of the leader of Task Force X. He takes orders directly from the leader, codenamed DELTA 001 (Orion). His deep purple eyes spark curiosity in many of the soldiers under his command. O'Leary is a great friend of Chessa, a member of an alien species named Kaithe. He's extremely devoted to saving the Earth, and the Kaithe, who are dealing with a fearsome enemy known as the Kragolyte Empire.

    LtCol. Ross Kelly

    Ross is a 5 foot 10 airforce pararescueman, and a huge hellraiser when he is in battle, weiding weapons such as the Mossberg 500 Chainsaw, an actual chainsaw, and a trench club. Ross is a fierce fighter, who isn't afraid of anything - not even things taller than him, like Voltor soldiers, for example. Ross has navy armor decorated with a green heart on his pauldron, signifying his status as a pararescueman. Ross has a bluish visor.

    Maj. Rees "Red" Noble

    Red is a combat lifesaver, and is one of Ross' best friends. He is a strong soldier, weilding heavy weapons, medical supplies, and a deadly dagger, known as the Arkansas Toothpick. He was't always known as Red, but after he saved more than  a few soldiers...his armor became a bit bloody, earning him the nickname. More than once, when enemies thought they had him captured, and beat down, he proved to be an overwhelming opponent. Red's DELTA armor is a light steel grey, with a cross on his shoulder and a star of life on the side of his helmet. His armor is slightly spattered with mud and blood.

    LtCol. Patrick "Chernobyl" Kolevano

    Patrick is a Spetsnaz GRU soldier who survived a nuclear blast, and later joined the United States Army Rangers. He terrifies his enemies, as he was deformed, but like in a way nobody had ever seen. His eyes, naturally blue, had actually changed to red after absorbing over 30gy of radiation. He proved to be a medical anomaly, however, and against the ridiculously overwhelming odds, he actually recovered, and became one of the strongest men alive. Chernobyl is one of the DELTA project super soldiers. His armor is red and dark grey. His helmet is decorated with a maniacal grin of a bear. 

    SgtMaj. Maka Kolevano 

    Maka is a wicked fighter, with a background known by few. She is the wife of Chernobyl. Her history runs back to the origins of TFX. Maka was part of the NGSR, or National and Global Security Regulators, an organization which had questionable directives and motives. Maka defected, along with several other agents when an event, known as the schism, occured. TFX evacuated and hid Maka, keeping her safe. She proved her worthiness in battle, and has proven to be an excellent addition to the ranks of the Task Force. She wears 2 toned purple and white armor, and has a Y visor helmet. 

    Capt. Ai'kla 

    Ai'kla is a Kaithe member of Task Force 100. He is also a part of the Kaithe Space Organization. Ai'kla is an enforcer of TFX, so he is used to CQC, and is an expert at kicking ass with his guns, knife, and even his own hands. He was first seen in a comic assisting TFX in breaking Chernobyl out of a Liberalis Terrae prison, although his history runs far back with the group, almost to the origins of TFX itself. 


    Being one of the top quality (and uncorrupt soldier groups), Task Force X received boatloads of money, allowing them to order and create several top quality vehicles and weapons.

    • MRTV "Roadrunner" - MRAP and JLTV hybrid
    • GCV IFV "Lion" Mk II (var.) - IFV, EWV, SPG**, Light Tank (Sandcat)
    • AAFV-10 "Mudskipper" (var.) - Amphibious IFV, Mortar Carrier, SPAA, EWV
    • HAPC-3 "Komodo" - Heavy APC (non amphibious)
    • MBT-5 "Crocodile" - Main Battle Tank
    • APMTT/HUTTV - Tactical Transports
    • AAD16 "Woodchuck" - Armored Bulldozer
    • AIV-1/VTOL "Grouse" - Airborne transport
    • MH/AH-10 "Chickadee" - Scout Helicopter/Gunship/Light airborne transport***
    • AAH-1 "Kestrel" - Attack VTOL**
    • AB-99 "Cobia" - Combat Boat/Naval transport***
    • RACV - Hovercraft
    • LCAC II - Naval transport***
    • Arleigh-Burke Class Guided Missile Frigates
    • Wasp Class Amphibious Assault Ships
    • Zumwalt Class Guided Missile Frigates
    • Enterprise Class Aircraft Carrier
    • Iowa Class Battleship
    • John F. Kennedy Class Aircraft Carrier

    Space forces are listed below (Every space force below has a warp drive)

    • Nimitz Class Jump Carrier
    • Intrepid Class Assault Frigate/Interdictor
    • Sherman Class Corvette
    • McRaven Class Battleship
    • Cuauhtemoc Class Cruiser
    • Likah Class Ion Missile Frigate (Kaithe produced)
    • FZ-1 "Vexion" Interceptor (Kragolyte produced)**
    • F/I-7 "Harpy" Interceptor
    • BHL-8 "Greyhawk" Bomber***
    • AF/B-6 "Tigersnake" Heavy Fighter
    • F/M-225C "Ferret" Fighter/Wild Weasel VI
    • F/M-227 "Kragshark" Fighter

    **Being re-worked

    ***These are being actively sprited

    Global Campaign 2 Edit

    Battle of Yellowknife Edit

    Early on in the war, Task Force X operatives recovered 2 Voltor bodies from the snowy areas in the Northwest Territories. The harsh and pure environment killed the Voltors when they landed several thousand miles off course. A small detachment of rebels was nearby, but they were taken out. Lt. Geist was killed in action late in the battle.

    Invasion of Okinawa Edit

    The United States, as well as the Task Force (operating for the now repaired and uncorrupt USA) gave Canada back to the IOT, and then, in a joint operation, invaded Japan. Japan was once one of the territories of the IOT, and when the Task Force invaded Japan, the IOT was soon allied with them. The Task Force swiftly started taking areas ok Okinawa, and with IOT support, eventually captured over 75% of the island. Thanks to spies, communication errors, and several other issues plaguing the Liberalis Terrae, a lot of events occured, including capture of all major airfields, and severe wounding of Captain Taylor. During a scout mission, 2 soldiers, Chernobyl and Allen, were captured and sent to an unknown location in South Africa. Currently, the US Navy us also assisting the Task Force, as well as operations on Hokkaido. The USS Ramage was heavily damaged in conflicts with the Liberalis Space Fleet, but the arrival of the Zumwalt and its railguns eventually drove off the enemy spacefleet. Unfortunately, the spacefleet boarded the USS Essex, USS Bainbridge and USS Zumwalt. The Zumwalt and Essex were extremely well defended by the contingent of Navy SEAL's. The Bainbridge, however, had most of it's defense forces in firefights on Okinawa, and fell to Liberalis hands. During the boarding of the ships, the Zumwalt managed to destroy all but one ship of the Liberalis space fleet of Southern Japan. In an attempt to stop the Liberalis from using the Bainbridge, EOD experts destroyed the forward gun and missile bays. It was around this time when the TFSC Intrepid appeared on the horizon. The Bainbridge did not surrended and was effectively destroyed by the Intrepid. The heavily damaged Liberalis Magellan cruiser, the LTSC Lieutenant Rogers surrendered. The task force then assaulted the base, and captured the main officers.

    Breakout from Bo Karoo Liberalis Prison Edit

    Task Force operatives and South African resistance under the command of Captain Barrex Ferry pulled a breakout operation in Bo Karoo. Operatives stormed the prison and unleashed havoc as prisoners clashed with the guards. Unfortunately, several anarchists and gangsters also broke out, and caused trouble for the others. 2 task force operatives, and several resistance members fell, as well as many innocent alien/xenosympathetic prisoners. 2 Huey Venoms, an Osprey and an M1A4 Abrams (now in the hands of the resistance) were utilized. Most prisoners were directly evacuated. Team 2 and 3 evacuated on an Osprey, on several trips, which ferried about 40 prisoners to the TFSC Kisco, an Intrepid class assault interdictor, which moved in from LEO to assist evacuations. Before Chernobyl, Allen and their small fireteam were located, the Venoms had been evacuating prisoners who were covered by Teams 4 and 5. A number of the prisoners were killed, or actual criminals, and were left behind, along with the entire Liberalis Terrae jail staff, who were all killed by TFX operators or prisoners. Liberalis casualties were around 80 KIA, with about 3 quarters being jail staff. There were originally around 500 prisoners, with a bunch being xenos or sympathizers. However, around 200 were hard core criminals. Of the 300 prisoners held wrongly, about 10 were from allied forces (TFX, IOT, you know who the good guys are), and around 140 were South African resistance members. Around 100 prisoners were killed, mostly criminals and resistance members. 2 TFX operators were KIA, including one human, and one kaithe. The bodies were evacuated by one of the evac choppers.

    Invasion of Hokkaido Edit

    When the IOT attacked Hokkaido, the TFX sent a special weapons group to assist them, as well as a small portion of the US navy. Until recently, the regular TFX were working on Okinawa. The Task Force, now having taken Okinawa, has moved to operations assaulting Hokkaido, and Papua. On Hokkaido, strong resistance has been met, and an IOT spec-ops unit fell under heavy assault, and if it wasn't for electrical vulnerability in the enemy, the operators would most likely have been captured. However, they evacuated on helicopter. An AA missile however, streaked towards the aircraft and slammed into it, causing casualties and the capture of an IOT agent. Regardless, by the time Heaven was attacked, most of Hokkaido had already been taken, so TFX had pulled out most of the forces in order to orchestrate that assault. Unfortunately the IOT fell after the battle and all the progress was in vain. However with the withdrawal of Terran Command and Liberalis Terrae, the objective was complete. Damage from the battle in Heaven was heavy, and many areas were damaged. However the irradiation was kept mostly to China.

    Invasion of Papua Island Edit

    The Task Force realized that Japan wasn't the only former territory of allies held by Liberalis Terrae. Papua had mediocre defenses and not much in the way of Liberalis Support, as Japan was where the last major operation had been. Cut off from their allies, with much of the Pacific space fleet on the bottom of the ocean in pieces, several kilometers of land were snapped up on the first day. With no adequite high leadership on Papua currently, the operations have thus far been very sucessful. The Wild Weasel Squadron was deployed, and the radar seeking missiles destroyed much of the enemy anti air defenses, which has lead to air superiority over Papua, Indonesia. On Papua New Guinea, several Liberalis forces have retreated from the other half of the island, and are attempting to make a stand. Unfortunately for the Liberalis, TFX had received assistance from the M-I Pact and IOT. Liberalis Terrae received help and several upgrades, which had slowed down the reclaiming of the island. Regardless, by the time Heaven was attacked, most of the island had already been taken, so TFX had pulled out most of the forces in order to orchestrate that assault. Civilians were evacuated before the battle was seriously in full swing. After the battle, the MI Pact returned civilians, and with the withdrawal of Liberalis Terrae, regained control. Damage was heavy, unfortunately, and resulted in severe damage to several parts of the island.

    Assault on Heaven Edit

    The Task Force launched a sudden surprise attack on heaven, along with the IOT, Scavenger Army, United States, Axonian Empire and MI-Pact forces. However, the bigger surprise is the massive assault fleet en-route from Kait'hur. Facing off with the deadly Terran Command, and the extremely advanced Robotnik Empire, allied forces are having to fight tooth and nail in order to progress. TFX was only playing a minor role, and in a large feint, orchestrated a massive assault which ended up with Heaven plummeting into China. Before that occured, TFX forces gained wealths of knowledge, including that of Xenomechs, TC tactics, and the Worldbuilders. The assault was a tactical, technical, and moral success for most of the involved allies, but ended in a rather pyrrhic victory for the IRON alliance, which suffered heavy casualties for the IOT, which split and joined both the Task Force and the MI Pact. In addition, the Task Force gained several commanders, including Bunnie Rabbot-D'Coolette, Antoine D'Coolette, Mobian and Mechvaraan soldiers to bolster their ranks. After the battle ended, Task Force X gathered refugees and returned to Kait'hur, towing some of the MI-Pact back for repairs.

    Interstellar Edit

    The events of Interstellar began to occur after the end of GC2. Interstellar will be beginning when interest in Spritewars is restored. Resources are being made for both GC3 and Interstellar. Currently there is a lul in activity due to several factors.