For ages, A steampunk writer /artist / gamer form minnesota has been wandering around the internet. He's known by many names, He has 

Prof. Cavor(one of the many profile pictures of myself on vary forums)

battle many forces,and loss to some of them, inculding his own mind, yet still hasn't gived up and continue to try to competed his goals. he is infact the man who made this...

Steampeng MK.1/Steampower penguin on himselfEdit

I, myself, is a man who never quits, even after all the countless failures that has come to my life on all fronts, still keep on going to complete my goals. one of them is to make a game dealing with my steampunk/gaslight world know as "Gaslight quartet". More on that later. Another one is a tabletop game dealing with sprite wars.

But now I seem to skip a proper introduction. I am a writer, and a artist, and well a gamer, Both of tabletop and video.

Aussie spider twin engine lorry

one of my drawing

On spritewars, You can call me "the shouter" or the "steampunk"

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