Sprite wars

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Welcome to the Sprite Wars wiki

Welcome to the Sprite Wars wiki, which details the war that never ends. The Sprite Wars is a role playing game in the Sprite Wars forum. The game was created by Storm Spotter Fox and Mike Rugar, and born out of the old Metal Slug Database community.

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The games are very simple and use the format of sprite comics where people post in collaborations and create their own factions and armies to take part in the campaigns.

This wiki is a database of history both in context and Out-Of-Context (OOC) of Sprite Wars.

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The Antarctica Ætherian sub-Empire is probably the wildest "serious" faction seen on Sprite Wars in awhile. Most players call them, and to a greater degree their owner, "Odd", evident by their backwards steam power technology and their somewhat random eldritch technology .

A legendary vet from the old days


The Kugestaldt Republic is one of the lesser known galactic super powers in the galaxy, residing in the "south" of the galaxy. A multicultural empire spanning hundreds of systems outside of space known to Humans and Mobians, it is headed by a race of beings known as "Kugels", who head the Republics vast political complex, with over a thousand other races sharing power within the Republic.


An unfortunate accident with the Chaos Emeralds caused a Chaos Control event, sending the three islands from their home on the planet Mobius, to the non-specific ocean of Sprite Wars Earth. The jump seemed to have some additionally strange effects, as Reploids seemed to show up on the islands as well as Pikmin and other non-Mobian elements

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