The Eastern Campaign Series 2


May 22nd 2007 - December 16th 2007


Undetermined, cease fire.


Mobian islands


Enigmatic Armada The Alliance

Notable Conflicts

New Wing Army - Firefox

Enigmatic Armada - The Alliance

Story lineEdit


The party kicks off

An unfortunate accident with the Chaos Emeralds caused a Chaos Control event, sending the three islands from their home on the planet Mobius, to the non-specific ocean of Sprite Wars Earth. The jump seemed to have some additionally strange effects, as Reploids seemed to show up on the islands as well as Pikmin and other non-Mobian elements

In this war, seafaring militaries are few and far between, and the warring factions on the islands seem to favour air power over land warfare, ushering in an age of airships and fighter craft. In spite of this, many factions still like to mix it up on the ground, and tanks and other ground vehicles are still an important cornerstone to each army.
It begins

It begins

And yet, in the midst of all this chaos and warfare, things can only go from bad to worse, and a few famous faces now throw their hats into the ring.

The Chaos Emeralds are now in play. But Myself and Mannerheim, or whoever he delegates to help him decide will pick the placement of the Emeralds, will decide where and when they show up, and then leak it to our team-mates. That way, instead of all rushing to get the Emeralds on multiple fronts, we can pay attention to only one or two Emeralds and fight on from there.

Characters and FactionsEdit

Sonic and the Freedom Fighters go to the Neo Alliance. Robotnik and his Robots go to the Enigmatic Armada. Other Neutral NPCs will be introduced. These will be available to everybody, depending on how the plot goes. This means that any side can gain additional support as the comic progresses.


South Island: once home to six of the seven chaos emeralds, South Island is already known to pass in between dimensions, and has emerged with the other three islands.

Zones: Green Hill Zone: A lush, bayside zone with rolling green fields and high cliffs. Covered with palm trees, flowers, rivers and streams, and enigmatic totem poles, the meanings of which have yet to be deciphered.

Sunset Hill Zone: Very Similar to the Green Hill Zone. Many of the rolling hillsides share the same elements as the Green Hill Zone. It’s a great place to watch a very beautiful sunset. The perfect place to go if you were on a date <.<

Marble Zone: The ancient remains of a greek-like culture. You can kinda see why they cleared out! It's on a volcanic hotspot!

Spring Yard Zone: A strange zone filled with pinball bumpers. Similar to the Casino Night zone of Westside Island and the Carnival Night Zone of Angel Island.

Labyrinth Zone: A strange subterranian maze. Many of its passageways are filled with water. One would be well advised to bring Scuba Gear or a Minisub to this place.

Starlight Zone: A Midnight highway that runs under the beautiful starlit skies. Careful when driving! The loop-the-loop is a rather common feature on this highway.

Route 99 Zone: A daytime highway that runs past a bustling metropolitan complex. One of the few modern-day cities on South Island.

Scrap Brain Zone: A former base of Dr. Robotnik. It's a smoggy, polluted, megafactory filled with giant machinery. Perfect domicile for a villain, or someone who just wants to produce a lot of equipment.

Westside Island: Once the home to an ancient race that warred over the Seven Emeralds, this island is the original home of Tails the Fox.


Emerald Hill Zone: A lush, Bayside hill zone which is strikingly similar to the Green Hill Zone. Covered in hills, palm trees, and waterfalls.

Leaf Forest Zone: Another tropical, hilly area, much like the Emerald Hills. Not much of a forest, but it is another nice, sunny place to spend an afternoon.

Wood Zone: Jigga-Whot? An abandoned zone that didn't make it into Sonic 2. Bears a striking resemblance to SatAM's Knothole Village.

Chemical Plant Zone: A dirty, contaminated city with many chemical plants. In spite of the water being purple, it seems to have no adverse effects if you fall in. Just... I wouldn't try drinking it.

Aquatic Ruin Zone: An ancient abandoned city, much like the Marble Zone. Architecture seems to pay more tribute to Ancient Roman design, rather than Greek Design. Abandoned because it was sinking into the lake. Man, the ancient Mobians had bad city-planning skills. Various Sinkholes extend below the watertable, resulting in various pools, puddles, and underwater passages. Great place to go swimming, though.

Ocean Base Zone: A secret underwater lair off the coast of Westside Island. Good for those who want to hide out someplace out of the way of the war in the air and on the islands.

Casino Night Zone: Someone tried to take a little piece of Vegas and put it on Mobius. Casino Night Zone is a massive casino at first glance. Then when you get inside, you realize that it's a giant pinball pachinko slot machine. Not much wartime value, but a good place to make money, or attract tourists. Filled to the brim with bumpers, much like the Spring Yard Zone, but it also has many pinball flippers as well. Various portions of the Casino Night zone seem to separate into various miniature Pachinko and Pinball tables.

Hilltop Zone: A mountain zone high above the cloudline. Covered in grass, rocks, and hearty evergreen trees. It also hosts a lot of volcanic activity and is prone to tremors and rising and receding magma.

Mystic Cave Zone: A cave that has obviously seen a lot of mining activity. It has many supports, platforms, and minecart tracks. Many valuable minerals may still lie within its caverns.

Dust Hill Zone: Another neglected Zone from Sonic 2. the Dust Hill Zone is a rocky desert filled with high mesas and Cacti.

Oil Ocean Zone: A giant Oil drilling operation. The owner of this zone will be rich in Texas Tea, Black Gold, or whatever you want to call it. Just don't let the Republicans find out.

Metropolis Zone: A Factory Zone much like Scrap Brain. It's filled with pools of molten metal and industrial equipment. A good base of operations, or a factory for a faction who wishes to produce units on-island, rather than having their supplies shipped to them.

Sky Chase Zone/Wing Fortress Zone: The Skies over Westside Island were once dominated by the Wing Fortress Zone, Robotnik's Air Superiority Fortress. It was a massive Air Base that served as a giant flying carrier. That is, until it crashed . But it's pretty much intact. On the ground, it can serve as one of the best bases on the three islands, but if the right supplies were provided, the right repairs were made, and the right conditions took place, the Wing Fortress Zone could rise again!

Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic 2 version): The third rejected zone. Deep within Westside Island lies a strange alter which seems to have connection to the holiest of all things: The Master Emerald. Unfortunately, it is far away on Angel Island somewhere.

Angel Island: The most mysterious and enigmatic of all the islands. Angel Island is the Floating Island, capable of flying in the sky like a steampunk castle. When the Master Emerald is in contact with the island, it hovers majestically, high in the sky. But, it's not flawless. the Island seems to have a low season, and if the master emerald is removed from the island, it just kinda...sits there. Like a regular island. Angel Island also has Zones with incredibly contrasting microclimates. One part of the island is a hot, dry desert, and another, isolated part is a frozen snowfield.


Angel Island Zone: Named after the island it's part of, the Angel Island Zone is a lush, tropical rainforest with many small pools and lush vegetation. In spite of this, the high oil levels in its various palm trees make Angel Island highly susceptible to forest fires.

Hydrocity zone: A strange subterranian city built around a massive water reservoir. The counterpart of the Labyrinth Zone or the Aquatic Ruin Zone. Filled with waterslides and various propellers. Seems like it was an ancient waterpark. Wheefun

Marble Garden Zone: An ancient greek garden filled with various plants and fruit trees. Prone to occasional tremors, but otherwise, stable. It's also where I usually get my seventh Chaos Emerald when I'm playing the game. Has lots of traps, though. Giant spikeballs on chains, spikey things that try to crush you, and lots of spikes. It's a beautiful, but very pointy place. But it also has a lot of cool hidey places that have a lot of treasure-y things in them.

Carnival Night Zone: Kinda reminiscent of Casino Night. Has a lot of bright shiny lights. And the occasional funnelcake stand. And lots of rollercoaster-like inclines. OH! And those annoying pinball bumpers. And these crazy gauss-rifle grav lifts. Sadly, I Have yet to find one ferris wheel.

Ice Cap Zone: Possibly the coolest (lol) zone ever to be in a sonic game. It has a GREAT hillside for snowboarding. But it's very cold. And occasionally prone to avalanches. It has many under-ice caverns, and lots of cold unfrozen waterways. But it also has a lot of freezing traps. Better pack a jacket.

Launch Base Zone: An important strategic zone, as it serves as a permanent space port. Unfortunately, there's a giant inoperable Death Egg parked there right now. Has a lot of security features and a crazy tube elevator system. The Death Egg could be used as a base, but if it could just get a good powersource, it could be used as giant flying space fortress.

Mushroom Hill Zone: Lots of zones have a hill as their basis. Mushroom hill is in the deep forests towards the middle of the island. Mushrooms of various sizes sprout in the wilds of the island. Many of them can be used to a great advantage. Some can be used as hang gliders, others, as trampolines. With the strange microclimates, Mushroom Hill seems to have incredibly fast seasonal transitions, going from spring to fall to winter and to summer very quickly.

Flying Battery Zone: Used to ambush Sonic and company back on Angel Island, the Flying Battery is a close support airship, made to shower the landscape with bombs. Much like the Wing Fortress, it crashed deep in the forests of the Mushroom Hill Zone. a good ground base, but with the right fixings, the Flying battery could be the low-altitude counterpart of the Wing Fortress.

Sandopolis Zone: The sandy desert on the dry side of Angel Island. was once home to an Egyptian-like race. Various pyramids lie within the desert stretches. A perfect place for those who like to tan. Careful, a couple of those pyramids may be haunted.

Lava Reef Zone: Hottest of all the hotspots, Lava Reef is the island's volcanic core. One portion of the Lava Reef is still red hot, and rife with volcanic activity. The other part is considerably cooler, and is bespeckled with crystals. An excellent shrine for a pyro.

Hidden Palace (Sonic&Knuckles version): Past the Lava Reef lies the Hidden Palace Zone, the shrine of the Master Emerald. But it was spirited away by Dr. Robotnik. The Hidden Palace houses some odd, ancient grav lifts that help you to access different parts of the zone. It's actually kinda of a small zone, but it's one of the main ways for ground troops to gain access to the Sky Sanctuary without having to use an airlift.

Sky Sanctuary Zone: A breathtaking city which floats high above Angel Island's cloudline. One could easily wage an entire guerrilla air campaign from this city, swooping down from the clouds and disappearing back into the sky.

Sky Canyon: Far away from the Sky Sanctuary are the flying structures of the Sky Canyon. The Sky canon floats within the cloudline. Because of the high winds, the Sky Canyon houses many windmills, and is also the spawning grounds of many small whirlwinds and dust devils.

Chaos Angel: A menacing and mysterious set of floating ruins from the island’s ancient days. Unlike the Sky Canyon Zone, and more so than the Sky Sanctuary, the Chaos Angel has decayed greatly. Unlike the other two flying zones, though, which are mainly exposed to the open air, the Chaos Angel is made up of many temples, which would be a perfect place to hide out in the air.

Death Egg Zone: The final zone in most cases, but since it's stuck in "Park" at the Launch Base Zone, it ain't going anywhere. Armed with eye lasers with enough output to re-heat the cooled parts of the Lava Reef Zone. But it also has a devastating Particle Beam Cannon that could easily raze a small piece of planetary surface. Damn. And he keeps wasting his time with Chaos Control Unfortunately, all of these systems cannot work without the Chaos Emeralds to power the ship.

Events of the campaignEdit

The endEdit

Series two came to an end on December 16th 2007, many manly tears where shed, through there is rumours Mobuis will return in the new season of the North.

End of an era

The end of an era