Info: A big army that contains lots of cruel and sadistic people, Other people do not know what their true goal is, but they just keep fighting and fighting as if they love wars. Many other factions view the Obliterators as both friend and foe, because the Obliterators remove many threats to the Earth but also are a threat to the Earth at the same time. Many have referred to them as "an army with no purpose".



Terrorist dictatorship:


Chaotic evil

Notable Members:


Homeland / Bases:



Human, demon, abomnations


SW prime, GC

Heavy snow storm

The infamous Obliterators


Recent history

Once lead by a madman in the past, who brought lots of destruction and fears to Earth. One day, he got killed in battle of enternal of land and the entire army collapsed within a day. Years later, his most trusted man decided to carry on his master's will and began to retake their technologies and upgrade into much better and deadlier versions, also recruiting former members, and soon they were ready to bring forth destruction once again.

Its also rumoured that they once had a rivalry with the Liberators army.

Pro: Large number, heavy firepower, good moral and very loyal. Con: Over confident, often resortint to suicide to complete their tasks, reckless.


Lord Xezan: He is a main leader and founder of this army. Currently considered KIA.

  • There are some people who've claimed they had seen Xezan alive again with his two bodyguards travelling around the world; But not enough evidence to prove he was Xezan*

Abaddon: The new leader of the Obliterators, willing to destroy ever enemy in his sights.

Angrim: Very loyal to his lord, often helping Xezan by leading the army and advising his dark plot.

Dark Guardian: A machine of destruction capable of having it's own thoughts, people always believed that it was fighting side by side with Dorangonnosuke-san against their enemies, the Liberators. But now it is serving this army for some reason.


Darkness Soldier: The most basic soldiers, not really skilled and wearing light armour, but extremely loyal and willing to die for their lord.

Dark Trooper: When facing a much stronger enemy, the dark trooper comes in. Equipped with machine guns and heavy armour, they are much more intelligent and skilled than Darkness Soldiers.

Elite Marines: When battles become harder than expected, or during crisis periods, they are summoned to battle. They do not use normal firearms, but instead utilise energy guns that fire bullets imbued with energy bolts that do much more damage, which are capable of drilling into heavy armour. When facing forces with strong mechanised elements, they can call heavy weapons teams down to fight. An Elite Marine heavy weapons team contains a heavy machine gunner, a marine with a lascannon and a marine wielding an auto cannon. Elite Marines are very strong units and are able to withstand lots of punishment. When battle is much more harder than expected or during criss period they're called to battle, they don't use normal guns but using a energy gun that fire bullets imbued with energy bolts that can do more damage than ever and able to drill in some of the heavily armour. When facing a strong tanks or mech or forces, they can call heavy weapons team down to fight. Heavy weapon teams contain heavy machine gun, lascannon and auto cannon. Elites marine are very strong unit and able to withstand lots of punishment.

APC: A heavily armoured, fast moving vehicle that carries troops around the battlefield. Soldiers are able to fire at enemies through "windows" or using the mounted machine gun at the top of the vehicle. A heavily armoured yet fast vehicle that carry troops around the battlefield, solders able to fire at enemies by opening the "window" or using the mounted machine gun on top of the vehicle.

Bomb Truck: A mad truck capable of firing many bombs and missiles within a short time period.

Chaos Raptor: Lightly armoured and equipped with light firearms, easily destroyed but able to fly at very high speeds and evade missiles and bullets.

Combat Chinook: A strong transport helicopter.

Crusher tank: A medium tank used in battle.

Darkness Creeper: A close combat mech, fast and deadly. Engaging this mech is considered suicide, and mechs and vehicles are needed to destroy it.

Darkness Enforcer: A strong power suit able to fire missiles and lasers, using a beam saber in close quarter combat.

Death Bringer: A medium-sized mech which should not be underestimated, it is equipped with heavy weapons and has stealth capabilities.

Death Guard: A heavy battle tank.

Dark Reaper: A strong mech able to deploy a small turret system which attacks and shoots lasers.

Doom Bringer: A tank that lives up to its name, bringing doom to those who face and fight it.

Gatling Tank: A tank primarily used for anti-infantry and anti-aircraft purposes, which is sometimes equipped with a cannon.

Heaven Destroyer: Long range artillery that can deal heavy damage.

Man Reaper: A mech that specialises in ripping things apart, REAL HARD.

Oblivion: A strong assault mech equipped with lots of lasers and an Angron cannon.

Odious: Usually sent into battle in mass, weak alone, but strong in groups. Able to be upgraded with twin laser cannons.

Phatom Lancer: A very strong tank, able to serve as an armour carrier or assault tank. When deployed, it can either use an artillery mode or laser mode.

Prism Tank: A tank that uses light as weapon. It has weak armour, but dishes out heavy firepower.

Rocket Jeep: A light vehicle mostly used for scouting purposes.

Sentinel: A light mech mostly sent into combat areas or to patrol urban environments such as cities, towns and streets

Tesla Tank: A medium armoured tank that fires bolts of electricity with it's dual Tesla coils.

Uncleaned Soul: A lightly armed infantry unit. No-one knows why it is called an Uncleaned Soul, but what ever it is, light infantry must watch out for it, or it will kill them.