Info: A big army that contain lots of cruel and sadistic people, Other people do not know what is their true goal, they just keep fighting and fighting as if they love wars. Many other forces think they are both friends and foes as the Obliterators has remove some of the threats to the earth but as the same time they also create threat to the earth. So many people call them "An army with no purpose of fighting".



Terrorist dictatorship:


Chaotic evil

Notable Members:


Homeland / Bases:



Human, demon, abomnations


SW prime, GC

Heavy snow storm

The infamous Obliterators


Recent history

Once lead by a madman in the past, bring lots of destruction and fears to the earth. One day, he got killed in battle of enternal of land and the entire army collapsed within a day. Years later, his most trusted man decided to carry on his master's will and began to retook the technologies and upgrade into much better and deadlier and recuit back the formal members and ready to began the destructions once again.

Its also rumored they once had a rivalery with the Liberators army.

Pro: Large number, heavy firepower, good moral and very loyal. Con: Over confident, often resort to suicide to complete the task, reckless.


Lord Xezan He is a main leader and founder of this army. Curently considered KIA.

  • There were some people claimed they had seen Xezan alived again with his two bodyguards travelling around the world; But not enough evidences to prove he was Xezan*

Abaddon A new leader of Obliterator and willing to destroy every enemy he saw.

Angrim He is very loyal to his lord and often help xezan by leading the army and giving advice of his dark plot.

Dark Guardian A machine of destruction who able to think by its own, People always believe that it has fighting side by side with Dorangonnosuke-san against the enemies from Liberators. but now it serving this army for some reason.


Darkness Soldier Most basic soldiers not really skilled and light armoured but willing to die for their lord.

Dark trooper When facing much harder enemy, this is when the dark trooper come in. Equip with machine gun and heavy armour. They are much more smarter and skilled than Darkness soldiers.

Elite marines When battle is much more harder than expected or during criss period they're called to battle, they don't use normal guns but using a energy gun that fire bullets imbued with energy bolts that can do more damage than ever and able to drill in some of the heavily armour. When facing a strong tanks or mech or forces, they can call heavy weapons team down to fight. Heavy weapon teams contain heavy machine gun, lascannon and auto cannon. Elites marine are very strong unit and able to withstand lots of punishment.

APC A heavily armoured yet fast vehicle that carry troops around the battlefield, solders able to fire at enemies by opening the "window" or using the mounted machine gun on top of the vehicle.

Bomb Truck A mad truck that capable firing many bombs and missile within short period of time.

Chaos Raptor Light armour with light firearm and easily destroyed but able to fly at very high speed so that they can evade missile and bullets swiftly.

Combat Chinook A strong transport vehicle.

Crusher tank A medium tank that mostly use in battle.

Darkness Creeper A close fighting mech, fast and deadly and most suicide on enemy vehicles or mech to destroy it.

Darkness Enforcer Strong power suit unit and able to fire missile, laser and use beam saber.

Death Bringer A medium mech which should not look down, able to equip with heavy weapon. Also able to use sleath

Death Guard A heavy tank.

Dark reaper A strong mech with able to sent small turret system to attack and fire laser.

Doom Bringer A tank that lives up to its name, bringing doom who face and fight it.

Gatting Tank A tank that used for anti infantry and aircraft. Can be equipped with a cannon too.

Heaven Destroyer A strong long range artillery.

Man reaper A mech that specialise in reaping things apart, REAL HARD.

Oblivion A strong assault mech that has lots of laser and equip with Angron cannon

Odious Mostly mass sending them to battle, weak but in groups, it will be strong. It can be upgraded with twin laser cannon.

Phatom Lancer A very strong tank, it can serve as armour carrier or assault tank. When deploy. it can either use artillery mode or laser mode.

Prism Tank A tank that use light as a weapon. It has weak armour but heavy firepower.

Rocket Jeep Light vehicle that mostly used for scout area.

Sentinel A light mech which mostly sent to war or patrol around the streets, town, city and area.

Tesla Tank A medium armoured tank that fire bolts of electricity. With its duel tesla coil.

Uncleaned Soul No one knows why it is even call uncleaned soul, but whatever it is, light armed infantry must watch out for it or die.

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