New Wing Army


Mandemon (at that time Mannerheim)


Sprite wars 2: The Eastern Campaign Series 2


Hive mind



New Wing Army is a faction lead by Mandemon. It's a large group of Reploids, and uses large air fleet in contrast for weak ground forces. NWA is complety computer controlled, and there no "meat bags" in it. Their ultimate goal is "utopia".


NWA is heavily air based forces, lacking a complete naval fleet and having only few ground based troops. Even so, NWA can be considered as a true threat to free world. With air fleet of two battle ships, Flying Battery and Wing Fortress, as well as powerful aircrafts, it can hold its own against the enemy forces and making it highly mobile. NWA is also constructing more air ships.

First appearence

NWA first appearead, when Mannerheim(former character of Mandemon) mysteriously found himself in Wing Fortress, with no clues of his former comrades. He used the equipment on WF to build simple E-series robots to help him repair WF, gain resources and find his comrades. Firefox, without knowing that MH was in control of robots, launched an attack to defeat Robotnick. The first battle was Oil Battle, which took place in Oil Ring. Both sides wanted to gain control of this important sector, to gain resources to keep their war machines running. It eventualy ended as a victory of NWA, but it had made MH doubt his robots efficiency. He moved repaired WF to Sky Sanctuary, where he remained until now.


During his time in Sky Sanctuary, he found a human like robot, which could think by itself, called Michael. He later found out that this was the last survivor of a race called Reploids. With the help of Micahel, MH created a complex plan to recreate the entire race. After it was found that MH carried a fatal disease, his body was placed in a special container, until a cure could be found, and his mind was moved into the computer core, which created the most powerful mind ever: Nexus.

Nexus and rise of reploidsEdit

After creation of Nexus, NWA secretly builded a large group of military replois, civilians and such. They capture Flyign Battery and prepared to face Firefox. Also, at this time, NWA joined Enigmatic Armada.

Current situationEdit

NWA was discared when season ended.

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