Mobians (or Mobo-Sapiens) are a race of bipedal earth-like animal people. They hail from Planet Mobius and have spread troughout the galaxy as a refugees escaping war and tyranny on their homeworld.


Like humans, they come in all shapes and sizes, but many have different DNA, such as hedgehogs, Echidnas, foxes and more. This has made many scientists believe they have evolved from animals. There are small humanoid creatures, that are not, as tall as there Lylatian counterparts.

History of MobiusEdit


Human Colonization and the Robotnik EraEdit

Mobius was one of the first planets ever colonized by humans. On the planet, they discovered the race of animals exactly like that of Earth's except evolved into a cilvilized society. Their technology was advanced, though they haven't extended their reach into the stars yet. The humans formed their own government with its capital of Station Square and established its GUN military force. While interstellar travel was possible, interstellar communication was still years away from completion, and contact was never re-established with the homeworld.

At first, the two races coexisted, but several wars for supremacy eventually broke out between both sides. During the last war between the Mobians and the Humans, one human outcast fled to the Mobians, after explaining GUN's latest plans, the outcast was promoted by the ruling king as Warlord. His name was Ivo Robotnik. Robotnik led the Mobian Army against GUN and soon it became apparent that victory was assured. Robotnik however, had other plans. As the Mobians celebrated their victory, Robotnik lead a brutal coup de'tat against the king. While the Mobians were overwhelmed, the humans still managed to hold their ground against Robotnik's invasions.

Years of tyrannical rule against Robotnik sparked action. The legendary Freedom Fighters, lead by the equally legendary Sonic the Hedgehog harassed Robotnik time and time again. Eventually, Sonic finally managed to dispose of Robotnik for good. With Robotnik finally disposed, and the ruling family restored, it seemed peace was to return again. They were wrong. A race of Aliens, known as the Black Arm attacked Mobius with the intention of total destruction. It was this time that a former GUN project, Shadow the Hedgehog made his appearance. The Mobians were again unprepared for the onslaught, though the assistance of Sonic prevented total defeat. The human GUN military was also unable to defend against eh onslaught. The battle raged for days, and the forces of Mobius managed to claim victory, though it wasn't Sonic that was the victor, it was Shadow. Shadow soon disappeared after the battle was over…

Mobius began again to recover from the destruction. Both humans and Mobians became increasingly paranoid with each other. Though the humans wanted war, the ruling Queen did not want war. The Queen tried to calm the humans down through diplomacy, though this caused resent with much of the population. One secret project being developed by a splinter Mobian group involved a cloning project using Shadow’s DNA recovered from the ancient ARK colony. With it, they cloned what would be the hammer and anvil of the new regime to come. A second coup de’tat was launched against the queen, except this time it wasn’t robots that were attacking, it was Shadow, or thousands of Shadow clones. A Mobian claiming that the current regime was setting up for ruin proclaimed himself the Emperor of Mobius and proceeded to turn the capital city to ruin. The humans, seeing an opportunity to finally assume total control over the planet, unleashed GUNs full fury at the Mobians.

Sonic and his famous crew soon found themselves overwhelmed against both aggressors. Sonic knew that Mobius was done for, and yet he would have the last laugh. A Mobian archaeological expedition found the original colony ship of the humans, which somehow was still functional. Sonic managed to assemble the loyalists to the colony ship and prepped it for take off. Both sides caught wind to the escape plan. Both sought to destroy it, though Sonic again became the hero. He leaked to both sides the ‘location’ of the potential launch site. Both armies converged to destroy the colony ship, but instead found each other. A massive battle took place, thus giving the loyalists enough time to launch the colony ship. The ancient hyperdrive installed on the ship was still functional, as well as the location of the homeworld of the humans. Both Sonic and the former Queen believed that humans and Mobians could co-exist. They hoped that the nations of Earth would accept them. Fortunately they were proved right. Though Mobian society soon established on Earth, Sonic and his crew, namely Tails and Knuckles disappeared without a trace…


At first mobians were peacefull society, but with reing of Robotnik and the rise of Empire have lead mobians become more or less human like. They are still more accepting than humans, but have gained healthy dose of sceptism when dealing with other races.

Many Mobians immigrated to Earth or the Lylet star system to get away from the oppression of there homeworld, others fled to places such as Angel island, like the Firefox

Mobians can be found on many worlds now, widespread, they are a peaceful race, and are willing to help out those in need.

The Mobian EmpireEdit

Main article: The Mobian Empire

The Mobian Empire is the last functioning Mobian government. It is ruled by Emperor Shadow and is ruthless in it's attempts to destroy all non-mobian life.


Last know map of Mobius before rise of Empire

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