13th Order1974 CampaignAlienation nation
Antartica Ætheria EmpireAtraxsAuto-Fox
BacktothefryingpanBiohazard ChroniclesBlood Hand
BrianoCanadian CommonwealthCanadian Republic
CassChildren Of The RevolutionCommanderCool
CommanderEvilCommon Treaty OrganizationCorvolt
Corvolt invasion of EarthDark NexusDarklings
DempseyDendygarDraco Strife
Elydian ChroniclesElydian ResistanceElydians
Euro-Asian Kingdom of NorpanFire Tanks IncFounding Fathers
Freak OpsGLOBAL LIBERATION ARMYGalactic Government
German National ArmyGhighatronGlobal liberation army
GniollivHaruhi slayerHistory of Sprite wars
HydroniansImageshackImperial Guard
Island State AllianceKait'hurKalash
KaneKugestaldt RepublicLiberalis Terrae
Liberators ArmyLone Wolf PMCLylatians
Mad CatMajhostMandemon
MouserMysterious MadmanNannal
Neo-Soviet FederationNeoTerransNew Wing Army
Northern Confederation Armed ForcesObliteratorsPAX Nation
PhotobucketPillbox PhilPlanet Voltor
Republic of MechvaraaRufusSCP-096
ShogunTrooperSilver EcilpseSofia
Solar Federal ForcesSolidusSoviet-Kronic
Spartan 117Sprite wars 2: The Eastern Campaign Series 2Sprite wars Wiki
Steampeng MK.1Storm Spotter FoxTEMPORARY SEASON 2 MAP
TallranTarsonian ConfederacyTask Force 100
Terran CommandThe Axonian EmpireThe BHSU, Black Hammer and Scythe Union
The Black Beret CorpsThe ExiledThe Famine
The Federate States of ArmexThe Future loops foundationThe Garden empire
The Imperial Armed ForcesThe Kolvartian EmpireThe Mobian Empire
The MousernatiThe Shadow EmpireThe USA
The World of Sprite WarsThe guestThemannwhoknows
Three Planet TheoryTimberWolfTsauruvian Empire
UnderlingUnited Federated ColoniesUnited Sovereign Commonwealth
VasiliVatican StateViolet Wolf army
Voltor EmpireVoltor MafiaVoltorians
Waffen SS Werewolf ArmyWasteland ConfederacyWatchmen

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