Introduction Edit

Sprite Wars "Elydian Chronicles" is a short comic series created by Skurge and Storm Spotter Fox. Currently the Series is on pause and is to be expecting further issues in the future.

It was first posted on the Sprite Wars forums on the 10th of April 2015.

Story Edit

The series takes place some time after the fall of the Elydian Kingdom to the Voltor Empire but during an unspecified date during the Global Campaign. The series's focus is an Elydian resistance group commencing an stealth operation within a Voltor Chemical weapons facility located on the Elydian tundra mountain line.

Reception Edit

Although it is only a new comic series it has so far impressed various members on Sprite Wars with it's added humor, characters and graphical style with the help of Storm's special effects. The comic series features many original and notable sprites from various video games.

Trivia Edit

The Voltor Emperor makes a brief appearance as he is almost completely absent from Sprite Wars comics.

Princess Evah and the Portal is mentioned.

The current setting is closely inspired by 007 Golden Eye's beginning location.

Commander Claw apears to be the plant's overseer ( Claw in the Archtross canon actually leads the Volkorik Syndicate )

Mike Murdock was the driving force responsible for the creation for many of the Elydian Resistance's characters.

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