The Darklings were a mysterious terrorist group created by Kane and active in GC:Regen. To date, they are the last faction that Kane has created and participated in a campaign with.

Forces Edit

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Mother: The darklings call her mother, her background is unknown, her motives except creating chaos are also unknown. Supposedly uses some kind of device to control her soldiers.

Marius: Former convict for felonies such as espionage and first degree murder. Origin unknown, specimen has an implant on the left eye that is not removable, preferable uses two distinguished-looking blades.


Cannon Fodder: Mother's clone soldiers, they don't speak, some speculations have been made that they were cloned without tongues, only form of communications used is sign language.

Kill Ops: Elite forces, they are merciless and have been teached in a different number of weapons, speculations have been made that they are mercenaries from Nigeria.

Goat Fucking Machine: Human specimens fused with mechanical head implants, geneticly modified bad-assness.

Sadist: Rarely seen, all contact with these specimens have usually ended up in death of the person beeing in contact with them. Bodies are usually never found.


Drink N Drive: Humvee used to drive on roads and other terrains, has a gun on top to shoot people with.

Smash N Crash: Big tank, mostly used to kill people with.

The Crowd Pleaser: Robotic vehicle, very good at killing people. Especially crowds, therefore the name.


Flying Thingy: Big metallic object with rotor blades on top of it, can apparently fly. 


Early on in GC4, the Darklings, lead by a woman known only as "Mother", were active in Shanghai, breaking one of their leaders (a Mobian by the name of Marius) out of prison and wreaking havoc on the population.

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