The Canadian Republic is a faction controlled by TimberWolf for the Alternate 1974 Campaign. It is designed to be the polar opposite of his soon-to-be-realized Canadian/Terran Commonwealth in the Grand Campaign, although some similarities (notably the use of mercenaries and private military contractors to supplement the military) are still present.


A far cry from the diplomatic superpower of other universe, the Canadian Republic is a shallow, isolationist, and bitter country. The timeline first diverged in 1775, after the American "liberation" attempts were thwarted. Realizing the threat posed by the "yankees", a militarization movement occurred, arming and training every man starting at age 12. Thus, when the Americans tried again in 1812, the Canadians were ready for them. Easily repelling the American attacks, the Canadians soon commenced invasions of their own... Only to be stopped just shy of Washington by British authorities, who did not approve of the Canadians invading another territory without permission from the Crown. The last straw came when the British restored the pre-conflict borders, and moved to demilitarize the Canadians. What ensued was a bloody civil war, with the French and English banding together for independence from the British Crown. It took several years, but eventually the Canadians won out against the exhausted British, and became an independent republic.

Turning their back on the British, the new Canadian Republic stayed out of the Boer War, both World Wars, Korea, and multiple others. When the world was split in two in the Cold War, the Canadians violently resisted any attempts to be brought under the Russian or American spheres of influence, one incident in the 1960's nearly leading to an all-out war between Canada and the USA, and leaving a bitter relationship between the two that constantly teeters on the edge of disaster.

The worst to suffer through the isolationism, however, has been the military. Sorely underfunded, the men who are supposed to defend Canadian sovereignty are poorly fed, poorly trained, and poorly equipped. Only three regiments (of three battalions each) survive: 1 Canadian Regiment defending Rocky Mountain and Prairie, 2 Canadian Regiment defending Ontario and Quebéc, and 3 Canadian Regiment, defending the Maritimes. Their only weapons are bootleg versions of the FN FAL, cheaply made and comparable to the old Prime-Universe Ross Rifle in service life. This Canadian Defense Force has no air force, no navy, and no armour. Only vehicles available are streetcars modified with a fixed-position remote-operated variant of the FAL.


CADPAT Digital Camouflauge Fatigues - Completely different from the real-life CADPAT, the version used by the Canadian Defence Force is bland, easily duplicated, and only offers good camouflauge in dense woods.

CR-69 Standard Service Rifle - The FN FAL knockoff, first acquired in 1969, CR-69 meaning "Canadian Rifle 1969". Despite the addition of a scope and a skeleton stock, the CR-69 is highly innaccurate even at short range. This problem is exacerbated by the frequent tendency to jam up, the easily-breakable internal parts, the plastic handguard melting, and the lack of cleaning tools being supplied to the troops. The CR-69 only has two upsides: Cheap production and repair costs, and it's magazine holding 50 .303 rounds.


Allies -Edit

United Federated Colonies

Enemies -Edit

SS Paranormal Division
Axon Sturm-Reich

Neo-Soviet Federation

Indifferent -Edit

United Nations
Wasteland Confederacy

Malaysian Defense Federation

Comic ArchiveEdit

Prologue To War
Holding The Line
Strategic Retreat

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