Auto-Fox is a Sprite Wars forum-goer who joined in around the mid 2000s. Though not particularly active in the campaigns, he is known for his Hobten Group "branded" civilian vehicle and electronics sprites. He also created the short-lived Lamuria faction.


Auto's character is a somewhat mysterious fox anthro (not technically Mobian or Lylatian) named Artemis Faukes III (usually just called Auto or Auto-Fox). The character's abilities include a adeptness with handguns (especially the Mauser C96), limited pyrokinetic abilities, and the uncanny ability to "replace" his body when killed or maimed. He also commands a large number of foxgirls, at least some of which are his captured, gender-bent and cosmetically altered enemies.

Auto, in recent times, has been portrayed as deceptively old. Officially, he is not actually what his anthro appearance says he is. Actually, he is an intelligent, parasitic chemical reaction, the last remaining member of an ancient pre-human species which evolved during Earth's early life-bearing age, over 3 billion years ago.

Auto himself, though technically immortal through the use of advanced genetic restoration and a succession of cloned host bodies (which he can vacate and replace at will), is around 70 million years old. Despite this, he still seems youthful and spritely, not the weighted-down, tired individual his past experiences should likely have made him.

The last of his kind, Auto was responsible for the death of almost his entire race, which parished in the same extinction event that killed the dinosaurs and many other species, 65 million years ago. This event was the result of Auto's belief that his kind had become too powerful (indeed, they were already plotting to redirect the path of natural evolution for their own benefit). After the event, which Auto had not expected to survive, but miraculously did, he swore an oath never to meddle in the natural world again. Among those who knew his secret (mostly visitors from the stars who had observed the extinction), he was known as The Instigator.

In one instance, however, he did violate this oath, using his kind's technology to allow mammals to survive in the immediate aftermath of the extinction.

Auto has observed the rise and fall of nearly every species in Earth's history since the Permian extinction.However, when humanity evolved about 100,000 years ago, he gave up his "watching" and rejoined sentient society. He has gone under a number of aliases, most recently adopting the sirname Fawkes and assuming the role of successive generations of the family.

However, as Earth begins its plunge into an endless war that threatens to consume it, Auto has begun to question his policy of non-interference...