Amiga Music - The Chaos Engine

Amiga Music - The Chaos Engine

"One empire, under the world, cover in Ice, formed an alternate timeline, what more do you want?" -Lord Edwin to this Brave new world

The sub empire info


Industrial Constitutional Monarchy


Minster Baron Lord Edwin

Homeland(and home-time)

British Antarctica (1906)


Semi-Right wing Technocratic

Tech style

Industrial, sometimes Reverse Engineer,weird Tech


Gaslight, CG


44.8 million

Racial Census

Humans 35%, Beast-folk 30%, Ætherian 12% Elves/dwarfs 15% Dwarf Dragons and some other races 8%

Army size

11,200,000 Home-units

Landship numbers

about 22400

The Antarctica Ætherian sub-Empire is probably the craziest "serious" Faction ever to come onto the Spritewars scene in awhile. Despite what some people would call them "Cute", and their seemingly "backwards" steam power technology, The Antarcticans are an industrial, military, and technological powerhouse. Also, the empire has a Stronger bond with magic than most factions, but that doesn't usually come into play most of the time. They're Gearheads, not Mages

In their first encounter, they have showed they mean business. Despite not being that serious to one another, the people in the Empire often are whimsical and lighthearted like the Motherland Britannica Empire to their allies. However, they have shown to heavily shell attackers with artillery to the point that even the Voltors might think twice.

However, their worst enemy are themselves.

Thanks to the fact that the weapons of Antarctica timeline were so effective of killing and causing stalemates, their style of fighting is slow, gratuitous, and costly in many ways. And while soldiers often fight to the death, death often comes too soon for many of them, leading to the rest having lower moral. And the longer the battle goes for, the more costly and gratuitous it is going to be

This faction is RPed by Stmpng MK.1  

On the Craziest Empire south of the equatorEdit

At first glance, this Steampunk Empire looks out of place in the year 20xx. Then again, what can you say about a steampunk time traveling Sub-Empire. 

It is a little hard to describe the Empire, but it goes something like this.

Basically, a chunk of a steampunk Britannica Empire from the year of 1906 came and Made the "London colony, armory, and lab" in the coldest place on our version of Earth under the unknown guidance of a infamous "M" and the Future loops foundation.

The FLF themselves got quite the reputation for being the craziest, most ruthless, and weirdest eldritch time traveling secret society*, who makes the Wachowskis' Matrix agents looks like child play, that they know of. They often have their own agenda and this hasn't been the first time they have busted through into our timeline. One of the earliest times they raided our timeline was in 1,000 BC, Egypt. Though this newest stunt of bringing a whole empire and colony dropping it into our world brings things to a whole new level of craziness.

(*Or rather A Mafia )

Anyway, This Antarctic sub-Empire time colony came from an alternate 1906, and they have a very different Way of fighting. Unlike the mobile tactics of modern day, weapons in their time got so advance(for them anyway...), trench warfare was a must. Massive landships, Grand Aeronefs, Mega Sized Aquanefs, and other machines with there big guns well out right slaughter any soft & light target on open ground. Heck, "Ships", of varied types, managed to take out an alien invasion. So despite using the some really old school tech, Antarctica is a force to reckon with.

The Empire itself however is rather peaceful to other (for the most part) unless the empire and/or her allies get attacked. Other than this, Antarctica is a very peaceful nation. The main economy of the nation is based on Industrial Manufacturing of machines and devices, Scientific Industries dealing with all sorts of strange stuff Including Engineering Animals to survive in the the harsh weather, And most of all, mining in the mountains and ruins.

Despite being next to zero fertile land for growing plants and raising animals, Antarctica employs a very expensive but needed greenhouse network that is mostly underground, allowing Antarctica to be self reliant.

The Empire is now evolving to include much more advanced tech from other worldly sources. After the Martian invasion a few years ago and discovery of their long lost alien colony before that in their timeline, Antarctica and other step to it and begin reengineering the invaders eldritch tech. This combine with already in use tech like Luboric engines, tesla tech, and Rebo-engineering makes Antarctica at least up to date in tech with the modern world. Sort of.  

History of the Antarctic EmpireEdit


To be Added

Info on the EmpireEdit

Lifestyle and SocietyEdit

Other than the fact that Antarctica is basically living in a time capsule compared to most empires in our timeline, They're not as outdated as they seem. They are however living in a world full of wild eldritch beings and bandits outside the cities and thug wielding robber barons industrialist, crime bosses, and cultists inside them.

While not the worst place to live, Antarctica is a harsh land where ever you go. Wherever it be the smog filled Industrial Zone, The frozen caves of unspeakable horrors and riches, the lawless boom towns of mining, and the great wasteland of Ice, snow, and frozen sand where one can die of hypothermia in a minute. Makes you wonder why anyone would come here in the first place? Easy, A minerals rush varying forom gold, ancient eldritch relics, coal, luboric (uranium as we would call it), Aetherium, and meteorites. If one can live long enough and knows where to look, they will likely make more money in a day than most people can make in 6 months if not more.     

The Antarctica's have a few main groups

  • The Industrialists
  • The Factory workers
  • Thugs and the mob
  • The Slum dwellers 
  • The Outlanders
  • The Scientists

Fighting Style and policyEdit

The way the Empire main army fights can be summed up like this. Gratuitous Semi-mobile Scorching and  demoralizing of the land Via Heavy Industrial weapons of science, followed by massive charges to weak points to break defenders .

In other words: Keep on blasting the Defenders/attackers with heavy amounts of Fire support fromm either a heavily fortified position that is either semi-mobile(Ex: a Dreadnaught-type Landship) or immobile (EX: A REALLY well protected pillbox). And while you're at it, take whatever resources you can grab your hands on, and sabotage lands and resources in the area you can't use. When the attackers are finally at their breaking point, send in an massive armor supported infantry charge to take out the defenders. Air, sea, and other support is used when possible, but that's not always the case thanks to high powered anti-support weaponry...

Because of this, fighting is a costly, time consuming, slow operation. Because of this, most tanks and artillery of the Empire have low penetration but high blast impact due to the fact they're made to simply blast away the target(s) and not really "Blast through"  armor. Antarctica has also been working on a new way of fighting involving quick strike teams to quickly take over fortified and strategic positions ahead of the main fighting force, but fighting is still slow.

However, If one thing can be said about Antarctica, they're determined bastards. They will literary defend a trench to the last man, and often do, way too quickly...

Despite this, the Antarctica army (and budget) is evolving. The great war of their timeline, has opened the eyes of the Antarctic commanders to the horrors of full scale attacks on fortified positions. Tens of thousands of men died in the first hours of the failed assault of the New Swabian commonwealth owned by Germany. 250 thousand Antarcticans lost their lives, with another 600 thousand wounded during the full course of the great war. Because of this, Antarctica is working on better ways to win battles. it is now working on making better weaponry to end battles faster and better tactics to use them better

More on this is below in the Unit Roster     

Foreign RelationsEdit

Despite meaning well...The Ætherian Empire has a nasty habit of getting into the worst of situations and being at odds with just about anyone. This is partly due to the corruption by the FLF of its government.


Not much is know now but there's much strain between the two. Heres what we know so far, The Antarctica Time colony "Warped" itself nearby a raging battle between the Iron Alliance( Axons and Mobian) and Voltor during the year 20xx. The Voltor were attacking the axons Antarctic missile base nearby.

During which, there was a Space battle around what Antarctic scientist and outlanders like to call "Luna" or more commonly know as by earthling in year 20xx the moon. This battle in the dark deep folds of æther was between I think the Axons and an Rebellion in her rank. During this battle, a missile was launched, early, to support axon troops in the aether. And it just so happens that this rocket when though the now just formed Antarctica warp colony.

This didn't went down too well with the Penguin nation...and so just blasted the rocket and sent a fleet of landships and two tank platoons with two eyes in the sky (Russian lend less Bombard Ironclad-type небо медведь (nebo medved'-Sky bears)-class Zeppelin) form the colony to teach the "attacker" a lesson in staying out of someone territory.

The suspire Mobians and Axons made headway away from Antarctica after that and the voltors soon afterwards left because there was no reason to be there anymore. about 20 hours later, The fleet arrived only to not only find that they were late to the party, but already the Antarctica secret forces was already making an base there. This was after The fleet blown to hell a ton of Wrecked tanks and dead people.

Later that week, The base was raided by the Axons H.O.U.N.D for a, For now, Unknown reason, Which really Upset the Antarcticans and soon afterwards killed 95% of the agents and escaping Reanimated axons POWs(more on that later). Antarctica also, somehow, broadcasted to the world what has happen and really denouncing the "jerries" a few months later viva terra command broadcast

Right now, the two nations are in negotiations THIS JUST IN: AXON SUPPORT ARGENTINE FORCES ATTACK ANTARCTICA: The Antarctic army, after dealing with the jungle dwellers, is now attacking south africa.    

Unit RosterEdit

If one thing can be said of Antarctica army: Steel, coal, and Gunpowder, and lots of it; with a dash of SCIENCE!!


Infantry Comes in a few types, (light, medium , heavy, weird) 

Light InfantryEdit

Conscripts reservesEdit

Role: Secondary defenders.

Your basic run of the mill irregular platoon base cannon fodder. lowly trained and often given hand me downs weapons. There usually either A) sent right to the front of the trenches during an massive attack or B) used in last stands as a last resort. An unit is made up of 26-55 men and are often grouped with about 3 other platoon of the same type as a Company


Role: main defenders.

Unlike there Irregular brothers, There given more training and better weapons. There often given bolt action MLE Rifles armed bayonets and one to three men carrying Vicker-Moriarty SMGs. there's often used as Trench Defence

Medium Infantry Edit


Role: main Defenders, secondard attack some of the Best trained Troops in the army. There given more Andvace weapons, namly the JM-97 Auto Rifle,       

Armored InfantaryEdit

land VehiclesEdit

Sea VehiclesEdit


Role: light support

Antarctican Gunboats are small but well Armed vessels, used as quick moving support  

Monitor WarshipEdit

Role: Bombardment

It might not be the biggest type of ship in the fleet, noir the fastest, or the strongest, But it packs a HELL of a Wallop for it size


Role: Defence

Super IroncladEdit

Role: heavy Defence


Role:Assault and Bombardment  


Role: Assault support

They eats ships...For Breakfast

Bergs Edit

Role:Support Literary, It a Battleship, Inside a Iceberg

Air VehiclesEdit

Heavy Summery of warpingEdit

"Parallel universe" is a false term built on a misconception. An true universe can't be parallel due to the fact that an universe is more like a bubble floating around in a space filled with other universe. So what is a true parallel universe? An true parallel universe is actually two timelines next to each other.

Timelines are more weirder than you might think. Some just think that a timeline is a set series of events, set in stone. An better way to look at things is to think of it is as a part of the time stream which is like a almost never ending river. Think of all those things on the bottom, and think of everything down there as an "event" on the time stream. this river may merge together in other rivers to become one or may split off from another. Also think of all though things in the river bottom "events", usually, there stationary, and in a snake like sort of line decide by our choices but can be kick around changing history as we know it. and it often does, making alt histories. But how come we don't wake up in a new today everyday?, Because we already living in a timeline and doom to live it for the rest of our lives (usually). A timeline is like a line connecting these events, usually going down the path that water goes. timelines may spit up or get pull together at any point down the river.

Now that done, let's get into the science of "warping". Going simply up and down (and going right though sometimes) timelines is all well and good, and it alright if you want to travel along them with A large amount of power wasted(which Antarcticans can't do, wasted power is very much a big problem to be avoided) . The problem with this is that you're going to waste a lot of time going back and forth though timelines in order to get there to the one you want and we'll take a lot more power than needed to do so due to fighting against the flow of time. The easier way will be to make a timeline that runs backwards at an controllable speed and one that goes forwards at the same speed, likely in limbo. Then make ways to travel quickly into and out of these timelines, so you can end up in a desire point in the time stream. That's where warping comes in. It clauses "joints" to come about between different timelines. Joints tend to go into other timelines and work best when going with the flow of the timeline.

An example, a timeline going forward get routed to one going backwards, Person travels "with the wind", so to speak, and go to another joint, either stopping there or going to another joint.

Hope this help...