Sprite Wars Ankanian Federation

"One hammer blow will be all it takes. Place the soldiers on alert, and summon our reserves! We crush them here and now, for the Federation!" - Unidentified 46th Reaver Regiment Commissar

It is the year 20XX. With the achievement of space travel, a group of humans were sent to establish a colony. The fleet exited Earth's reach and communications cut out. The colony fleet had been considered lost.

Little did they know that this colony fleet would form today's Ankania. The colonists began forming the Nation of Ankania, building several settlements across their starting position on the planet.

The Ankanians did not know that there were other lifeforms on the planet, predominantly a race of alien cultists that carried a dark, corrupting power. The threat was met with their full fury and supposedly eradicated.

With their settlements constructed, groups of colonists began to explore the planet. One of them sought out an ancient temple that lingered in the distance, and was about to enter when they were stopped by a large humanoid with a "god-like" aura emanating from them. This individual would later be known as the Perpetual, the god-like being's right hand man. This being had been watching them from the shadows for quite some time.

"There are no concepts in our Federation. Victory is no mere concept for Ankania. Why do you think that the 46th Regiment never surrenders?" - Unidentified 46th Reaver Regiment Commissar

Spurred on by their deity-emperor and his ever diligent Perpetual, Ankania looked to the stars and began settling the other planets in their system, bringing dozens of planets into their fold. Many of these worlds were hazardous environments, causing the Ankanians to make gasmasks mandatory for most of their military units.

At the end of a successful campaign, a high ranking officer made his way into one of the ancient temples on the planet, and received "enlightenment" from a pantheon of living deities. He brought their teachings back to his people. Bolstered by the corruption of these alien entities, he gained many followers and silenced those who stood in his way.

A military parade took place on one of the inner planets, and there they struck.