"Man I wish that campaign had gotten off the ground."


1974 Campaing


23 January 2011 - 21 March. (Archived)




Alternative Earth


None currently

Notable conflicts:

The SS Paranormal Division - Canadian Republic.

Axon-Sturm Reich - Soviet Federation

The 1974 Campaign was a short campaign that was started right after the end of the 3rd Grand campaign. It was conceived from members desire to try something new. Discussion for campaign was started 05 June 2010 after a vote for new setting. Game is currently posted in the Sprite wars Archive section.

Campaign hub is here.

Current storyEdit


In 1965 strange portals opened across the world. From these portals, strange pieces and technologies emerged, landing on Earth. This accelerated Earths technological deveploment. However, trough the portals came also aliens, referred as Demi Humans. As a result of sudden change in the world, Cold War has ended in collapse of United States, now divided in two. Years is now 1974 and new age of war is dawning.

Events during campaignEdit

Waffen SS invades Canada.

Hostilities broke between Soviet Federation and Axon-Sturm Reich.

US Military invades the SS-held Western United states.




Until such time as they can be found, 4 comics are missing from this gallery: one from Timberwolf, one from Merku (And another one that has suffered from imageshack's dreaded "Resized because screw you" procedure), and the last comic of the campaign, made by Dempsey.